Three Major Italian Airports Benefit from Innovatrics’ Automated Border Control Solution

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Due to the influx of both local and foreign passengers into Italy’s major airports, it’s hard to facilitate the smooth flow of people through immigration checks. Bottlenecks may occur due to manual border procedures based on EU requirements, which could create inconvenience during departures and arrivals.


Three major airports in Rome (Ciampino, Fiumicino) and Napoli were looking for a solution to update their immigration control system and provide better services to their EU passengers. They wanted to improve the passenger experience, and also meet the highest security standards at Italy’s borders.

Our Solution

Innovatrics technology was deployed at three major Italian airports, implementing fingerprint identity verification of passengers via automated self-service border control gates. Self-service gates use the latest biometric technology to verify each passenger through a combination of facial recognition and fingerprints.

Facial recognition technology confirms that the passenger is the passport holder, while Innovatrics fingerprint identification technology (Innovatrics AFIS) was built in to add an extra layer of security when required.


EU passengers, who hold electronic passports, can now use self-service immigration control technology to accelerate their arrival and departure at these Italian airports. The e-gates have significantly reduced the processing time per passenger, providing a better and more secure passenger experience.

Our unique award winning algorithm ensures fast, accurate and secure passenger processing that is inevitable for the high level of border security.

Fingerprint and face security check

Innovatrics ABIS

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