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Completely Digital eSIM Onboarding Journey and Identity Management for Mobile Network Carriers

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eSIM Onboarding Journey and Identity Management Use Case

Telecom operators need a reliable and user-friendly system to register new customers remotely. Our mobile onboarding solution is designed to make the whole process quick and seamless. Our AI and biometric algorithms make sure that identity verification is KYC-compliant.

Customers Can Activate New SIM Anytime and Anywhere

With Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit, you can easily register your customers with greater ease and flexibility. Since your services can be accessed remotely, you can reach more customers and verify their identities securely.

Remote Identity Theft & Fraud Prevention 

Customers do not need to go to a brick-and-mortar store to activate a subscription plan as an eSIM is already embedded in the device. More importantly, our biometrics technology can ascertain that the users are who they say they are.

  • Have a secure and seamless user enrollment process
  • Allow customers to activate their subscription plan from home or while they’re on the move
  • Enable subscribers to start using services in minutes rather than days
Digital Onboarding Toolkit Customer Registration Use Case

Remote Proof of Identity Compliant with KYC

Fulfill KYC/AML requirements and prevent fraud using straightforward and effective biometrics technology. Not only can you optimize your operations, but you can allocate resources intended for offices, employees, or stores to other more worthwhile investments.  

KYC Compliance and Blocklisting

Simplify your Know Your Customer (KYC) process and prevent fraud when onboarding new customers:

Innovatrics identity document verification - data extraction in Arabic

Improve Customer Experience

Our remote onboarding process is clear from the get-go. Through our proprietary identity verification technologies, mobile network operators can offer a seamless digital journey for the mobile subscriber.

2 Easy Steps to Open an Account:

Our Digital Customer Onboarding streamlines multi-step onboarding processes to set the stage for lasting customer satisfaction. Your clients can use our biometric technology securely and completely unsupervised.

Digital onboarding ID card photo

1. Take a picture of your ID

passive liveness detection

2. Take a selfie

digital onboarding completed

You’re successfully onboarded in less than a minute!

Leverage User Identity as Another Digital Security Layer

With the ubiquity of smart mobile devices, customers can use the cameras and fingerprint sensors of their own gadgets to securely verify their identity. Their unique biometric traits provide a foolproof method of identification when opening or accessing an account. 

Personal Information Management System

Let your subscribers prove their identity through a simple selfie

  • Allow them to edit their information in your system
  • Simplify logging into the system with a selfie
  • Easily prove their identity
Digital Onboarding Toolkit Digital Security
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