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In order to get accurate data from a user’s ID during remote onboarding, our AI-powered identity document verification SDK captures, reads, and cross-checks the data from an ID in milliseconds.

To build trust in the onboarding process, our neural networks are also trained to detect distinct document fraud attempts.

Identity Document Verification with Seamless Auto-Capture Component

For users to have a comfortable experience during the remote onboarding process, mobile and web auto-capture components of our Digital Onboarding Toolkit guide them to eliminate image capture flaws and make sure to take a photo of their ID with the best possible quality for OCR.

  • Document auto-capture significantly reduces image rejection due to low quality or unreadable pictures of IDs
  • Seamless user experience of the document verification process increases conversion rates
  • World’s smallest auto-capture SDK
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Identity Document Verification

AI-Powered OCR & Automated ID Classification

Innovatrics AI-powered OCR technology works accurately and reliably, supporting a wide range of alphabets. Once a picture of an ID is taken, our SDK:

  • Automatically identifies the identity document type (passports, ID cards, driving licenses, foreigner permanent residence cards), edition, and issuing country
  • Extracts all required fields of the document and parses them into text
  • Supports Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Thai, traditional Chinese, and Bengali scripts
  • Extracts the portrait image of the document holder and converts it into a secure proprietary biometric template for biometric verification
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Innovatrics identity document verification - data extraction in Arabic

Biometric Verification and Data Consistency Check

In order to verify a user, document processing components of our Digital Onboarding Toolkit also extract a holder’s photo on the ID so that biometric verification can be performed. 

To validate the data extracted from the ID by OCR, our identity document verification reads the data from machine-readable zones (MRZ) of the ID to allow data cross-checks, including the check digit validation. Reading the data from the NFC-readable RFID chip is also supported, assuring 100 % proof of the authenticity of the document.

  • Our face algorithm compares a holder’s photo on the ID with a selfie to biometrically verify that the ID belongs to the same person
  • Age and gender of a user are validated against age and gender estimated from the selfie
  • Data in MRZ is cross-checked against the data extracted by OCR, including the check digit validation
  • Data gathered with the NFC reading chip is cross-checked against the data extracted by OCR
biometric-document and ID verification

Document Authenticity Validation

When onboarding new clients remotely, it is crucial to check if the document has not been forged or altered. Apart from cross-checking the dependencies between fields, our document verification SDK also detects a range of document fraud attempts.

  • Color profile authenticity – checking the color profile of the document matches the original template
  • Screen and print attack detection 
  • Validation of the expiry date of the ID 
  • Validation of data with a digital certificate of the issuing authority when NFC reading is used
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Innovatrics Identity document verification - authenticity validation

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