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Tailored for the Remote Onboarding of Service Providers in the Shared Economy

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DOT Service Provider Onboarding

By making your service provider onboarding strategy more efficient using world-class biometrics, you can work with the right partners that can fuel growth in your organization.

Increase Trust by Engaging with Credible Partners

Innovatrics AI-based facial recognition solution will verify your partner’s identity before you start a potential cooperation. Easily fulfill your own KYC requirements, define which parameters are important, and instantly establish trust with your service provider partner.

Trust Server

Digital onboarding is more reliable with our trust-based server that can analyze complicated data to prevent identity theft and fraud. With our onboarding process, you will have the tools to offer your services with confidence.

  • Fast and accurate OCR
  • Two-type face match analysis
  • Age, gender, and liveness detection
  • Customizable data thresholds for higher security
Digital Onboarding Toolkit OCR Identity Verification

Give Service Providers a Hassle-Free Experience 

Our solution will verify your users’ identity not only upon sign-up to your services but every time they login to their account. The whole process is paperless and completely online.

Digital Onboarding and Identity Verification

With only 2 steps to frictionless onboarding, you can securely verify service providers with a fraction of the typical registration time.

  • Attract service providers with a simple sign-up process
  • Authenticate users on every interaction with your service
  • Prevent identity theft and account misuse
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Keep Fraudsters at Bay

Fraudsters pose a significant threat to your business. By having a secure biometric database, you can permanently blocklist known offenders and select reliable partners to grow your business with.    

Biometric Identity Management System

Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit comes with a database where you can store and manage the biometric data collected during the onboarding process. You’re guaranteed not to onboard or work with known fraudsters and unreliable partners.

  • Blocklist fraudsters and unreliable partners
  • Ensure ongoing authentication of existing clients
  • Quick and easy access to your partner accounts
Digital Onboarding Toolkit

Stay Local, Go Global

Ensure a smooth user experience by localizing your processes. Our OCR can be quickly trained to read new IDs so that it can instantly prefill the signup form. We’ll take care of all the tech stuff as you scale your business globally.

Open Architecture and Scalability

Our technology is easy to integrate into your existing environment. It also scales efficiently to meet increasing workloads or number of enrollees.

  • Quick document training
  • Works on web, Android and iOS
  • Low bandwidth requirements

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