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Contactless access control systems using accurate and fast facial biometric identification

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Our facial recognition platform, SmartFace, gives you a full set of components and tools to create contactless access control systems using accurate and fast facial biometric identification.

SmartFace is meant for system integrators, property managers, and/or real estate developers to build access control systems based on facial recognition via integration through REST API.

Access Registration App

To provide easy visitor registration, you can integrate remote onboarding into your application. During onboarding, a visitor is verified using ID data extraction, face verification, and passive liveness detection to be sure that the visitor is who they claim to be. 

The registration app can also be used on premise (at reception) for self-registration upon arrival or accessible via app or webpage. 

  • Secure remote onboarding with only 2 steps for the visitor
  • Registration to preconfigured watchlist(s) makes it easier to grant permissions
  • Possibility to preconfigure registration using URL intent command 
  • Simple integration with web, AOS, or iOS apps
Smartface Enroll New User Easily

SmartFace Access Station

The easy-to-use interface of our SmartFace Access Station provides a quick overview to receptionists or security personnel of the current situation at each access point. 

Via SmartFace Access Station web app, they can easily manage watchlists and get instant on-screen notifications and alerts on events of interest, including spoof attacks. 

  • Monitor your access points
  • Instantly see the information about detected, identified, or unidentified people who want to access your premises
  • Get real-time alerts on spoof attacks thanks to passive liveness detection
  • Alert your security personnel about an unidentified or restricted person in front of an access point
  • Manage watchlists and blocklists; add or remove authorized visitors
SmartFace Facial Recognition Server Platform

Access Controller

SmartFace Access Controller employs a customizable strategy to open access barriers while ensuring only an authorized person closest to the access point is allowed to pass at the right time.

Customizable filters allow the formation of the access strategy and configuration of the access logic based on your specific use case, ensuring seamless passage through access points.

  • Sends out three types of notifications which grant, deny, or block the opening of access points based on the outcome of the filtering strategy
  • With ongoing passive liveness detection, spoof attacks are automatically recognized 
  • Easy integration with connectors that can directly communicate with access points, hardware controllers, or relays using WIEGAND, RS-232, RS-485 standards, or control them directly by using dry contacts
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Smartface Seamless Passage through Access Points

Lightweight Facial Identification Service

Our Facial Identification Service, a lightweight version of SmartFace Platform, is all you need to match faces from a photo database. It’s an ideal option for scenarios where rapid, on-the-go 1:N facial identification is required. Eliminating the need to process real-time video, our service seamlessly works with commonly used hardware devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, and kiosks.

Facial Identification Service receives pictures of detected faces from cameras and matches them to faces in watchlists in the cloud. Once the identification is positive, it can be used for authentication or authorization in many use cases

  • Easy deployment via REST API
  • On-premises and cloud deployment ready
  • No hardware and maintenance required
  • Low latency
  • Easy to scale
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Simplified Face Matching Technology

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Easy integration and configuration via API

NoMatch notifications from SmartFace 

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