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Our biometric Voter Registration System is a complete solution combining customizable registration software, accurate biometric deduplication and automated detection of children or minors based on AI-powered age estimation. The solution is designed to assign polling stations based on electoral division to millions of voters and to efficiently print voter cards and voter lists.

The solution is designed to generate clean voter lists and support the transparent and fair electoral process in countries with unreliable ID systems.

“The Independent National Electoral Commission of Guinea (CENI) is pleased to confirm its complete satisfaction with its collaboration with Innovatrics. We would like to salute the professionalism and rigor with which Innovatrics is supporting CENI in the conduct of its operational activities in view of the legislative elections. ”

La Commission Électorale Nationale Indépendante (CENI), Guinea

Innovatrics Voter Registration Components

  • Enrollment station for Windows or Android
  • Voter data centralization
  • Fast and accurate biometric deduplication
  • Automated identification of children and minors based on AI-powered age estimation
  • Identity management interface for operators to remove duplicates, minors or deceased
  • Voter lists and card generation based on electoral division
Biometric-help elections in Guinea

Migration and Cleaning of Legacy Voter Register

In the first stage of the biometric voter registration process, the legacy voter register is migrated and cleaned; the hardware and software requirements are assessed. At this phase, the servers with Automated Biometric Identification System (Innovatrics ABIS) are installed, and enrollment kits are prepared to correctly and securely communicate with them. They are loaded with partial databases, which can be imported from existing sources, to optimize the voter registration time. Older biometric databases are also migrated during this step.

biometric voters list

Legacy Voter Data Import, Export and Centralization

Innovatrics ABIS will be used to migrate and clean your existing database to prevent ID fraud and vote rigging. This can shorten the biometric voter registration process by using pre-filled data during registration.
We provide assistance if you need to migrate older databases into your new system.

Biometric Voter Registration with Innovatrics Enrollment Software

During voter registration Innovatrics’ intuitive and easy-to-use enrollment software is used by trained officials to collect high quality biometric data of citizens (fingerprints, face and iris scans). The enrollment kit systems are set up to be durable, secure, and immune to ID fraud. The data is then securely encrypted to provide maximum security to the most sensitive data. Citizens are also given confirmation of a successful voter registration.

ABIS Smart Recognition Use Case

Biometric Voter Registration Pre-Enrollment from Home

With our facial verification and liveness detection, electoral commissions can collect voter data directly through citizen smartphones.
Interested voters will pre-enroll their personal and biometric data for validation before they come to the registration office, making the voter registration process faster, more secure and accessible.

Customizable Biometric Voter Registration Software

Innovatrics enrollment software uses proprietary biometric algorithms, specifically designed to accommodate different scenarios that are essential for a successful election. Fingerprint, face, or iris biometric modalities can be used.

Compliance with Different HW Requirements and Offline Capability

Innovatrics enrollment software can work on a number of hardware platforms and enrollment kits using Android or Windows operating systems. It can be customized and ported to new ones as well.
The software can operate encrypted data online or offline, on local storage, to keep it safe from unauthorized access.
There’s no vendor lock-in to ensure you can run our technology on your own choice of hardware.

Voter Data Consolidation for Trusted Voter List

The main security operation making it impossible to rig the elections is done on the central servers. Once all the voter data is collected, it is securely transferred to the central ABIS for adjudication, data consolidation and deduplication to clean the database of duplicates, minors and the deceased.
All of the operations are logged so that there is a paper trail in case of any suspicious behavior.
Everything is done by trained personnel and under the close scrutiny of the electoral committee.


Biometric and Textual Deduplication

Innovatrics unique biometric (fingerprint, face and iris) and textual deduplication is capable of cleaning the biometric voter register of millions of enrollees in just a few days using configurable workflows, queue management (with 4-eye control) and operators’ action tracking. This is to ensure that no person has enrolled in multiple districts or with different identities.

Automated Identification of Children and Minors Based on AI-Powered Age Estimation

A specialized AI-powered neural network detects the age of the enrollees based on their faces. If they are obviously underage, it sorts them out for rechecking by operator to remove from the voter register.

Manual Review and Data Correction

An intuitive UI featuring split screen functionality, face or fingerprint adjudicator, instant search (with an uploaded fingerprint image or facial photo), and on-demand identification can be used for audit and manual review. Removal of the deceased or changing the polling station can be executed based on individual requests or needs of the electoral commission.

Voter Lists and Cards Generation Based on Electoral Division

The cleaned voter database is split into districts while the voter lists are distributed throughout the country for citizen control. Once all the disputes are correctly settled, the voter cards can be printed and distributed in time for elections.
Biometric voter authentication is used in the electoral process to make sure that every citizen gets exactly one vote. No one is denied their democratic rights. More importantly, no one can vote multiple times.

voters list for elections

Polling Station Assignment Based on Electoral Division

Innovatrics Biometric Voter Registration solution manages the division of voter lists into polling stations. Voters are assigned to polling stations based on their residence. Furthermore, lists for each polling station are generated.

Unique Voter Cards Printing

Innovatrics ABIS prepares the personal data of the voter including their biometric data for printing of unique voter cards. Due to the comprehensive voter registration process, the printed voter cards are often considered as reliable as national IDs even after the elections.

Reporting Module

Innovatrics experts closely cooperate with the local electoral commission for the entire duration of the project. During the process and after the elections, a complete system information transfer, including all documentation and know-how, is automatically logged and provided to the electoral commission and other involved authorities.

Flexible and Experienced Partner for Biometric Voter Registration

Thanks to our proprietary technology and experience in global deployments, we can go from proposal to complete delivery in just a few months. We are proud to provide biometric voting solutions that you exactly need and also trust.

Innovatrics ABIS applicant detail

Comprehensive Consulting & On-Site Support

Our experienced team gathers analyses of all the relevant information to propose a biometric voting system that fits your requirements. Based on our global experience, we coordinate operators, optimize your processes, provide best practices, and help with all aspects of the registration process.
We provide in-depth information to every issue you might face and assistance if you need to migrate older databases into your new system.
Our engineers can oversee the critical infrastructure on-site, solving any issues that might arise.

Operator Training and Knowledge Transfer

From the basics of biometrics to best practices for enrolling voters, we are ready to provide knowledge transfer for timely, high-quality biometric voter registration. We provide comprehensive training for operators and their supervisors to carry out successful biometric elections.

Fully Customizable All-in-One Solution

Innovatrics biometric voter registration solution can be customized according to the needs of the local electoral commission. It comes with complete all-in-one infrastructure, including all necessary servers and databases.

Biometric Fingerprint Use case