The Evolution of Liveness Detection: Innovatrics’ Latest Breakthrough in Accuracy

In this webinar, we introduce our latest innovation in liveness detection technology – MagnifEye Liveness.

Built upon our passive liveness detection, MagnifEye Liveness is complemented by our experience with iris recognition that takes into account the uniqueness of the human eye. Developed especially for high-security applications, it evaluates multiple frames to add an extra level of security for liveness verification.

You’ll also find out how different types of our liveness detection technology can fit into different real-life conditions – be it reinforced security, maximization of completion rates, or a chosen type of deployment.

What you’ll learn:

  • How liveness detection technology evolved in the last couple of years at Innovatrics
  • How using various methods in liveness detection is crucial in protecting remote identity verification processes from spoofing attacks to accurately detect and verify the presence of a living person
  • How Innovatrics liveness detection technology can fit into any use case
liveness detection webinar