USE CASE Identity Fraud Prevention

Biometric Risk Management Solution to Authenticate Users Remotely

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DOT Identity Fraud Prevention Use Case

A comprehensive risk evaluation system lays the groundwork of a stable financial company. Leveraging biometrics, our fraud prevention solution makes the process smooth, simple and secure.

Biometrics as the Ultimate Security Layer

With a 99.9% accuracy, our fingerprint recognition algorithm is not only one of the most precise in the world, but also one of the fastest. Coupled with our face recognition technology, you can easily implement an efficient, secure and user-friendly solution.

Top-Performing Algorithms

  • Our algorithms are ranked among the best in the world based on NIST results
  • Our R&D center is consistently developing faster and more accurate algorithms
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Digital Onboarding Toolkit Customer Registration Use Case

Blocklist Known Fraudsters

Capable of comprehensive data analysis to prevent identity theft and fraud, you can also perform checks against a central biometrics database that lets you blocklist suspected fraudsters.

Trust Server & Biometrics Database

Customize your identity verification process based on your needs. Manage and store biometric data during onboarding in your own database, which can be used to identify and ban unreliable customers.

  • Set your own data thresholds for more enhanced security
  • Analyze factors such as OCR, 2-type face match, age, gender, and liveness 
  • Continuously authenticate existing clients using info stored in the database
DOT Trust Server & Biometrics Database

Make Remote Onboarding Highly Secure

With our Digital Onboarding Toolkit, you can enjoy the convenience of onboarding customers remotely via a mobile phone or laptop. 

2 Easy Steps to Open an Account Remotely

Digital Customer Onboarding streamlines onboarding processes to set the stage for lasting customer satisfaction. Your clients can use our biometric technology securely and completely unsupervised.

DOT Highly Secure Remote Onboarding

Increase Your Revenue

By preventing fraud using biometrics, you minimize risks, protect your business processes and generate more profit. With the inherent simplicity of our solutions, you’re also making it more convenient for your customers to access your product offerings.

Personal Information Management System

Enhance the customer experience through our simple yet efficient identity management system. 

  • Allow your customers to edit their information in your system
  • Simplify logging into the system with a selfie
  • Prove your customers’ identity securely
Digital Onboarding Toolkit Digital Security
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