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Frictionless Remote Identity Verification to Secure Your Business

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DOT Identity Fraud Prevention Use Case

Coupled with the rising incidence of identity theft and fraud, adopting a secure and seamless remote customer onboarding is mission-critical for banks, financial service providers and telco companies. 

Innovatrics remote identity verification is designed to improve customer experience, increase conversion rates and prevent identity fraud at the same time.

Defend Your Business With Identity Fraud Prevention

Without reliable identity fraud prevention measures in place, fraudsters can misuse or fake one’s identity. Make sure users are who they claim to be with our remote identity verification.

Secure Remote Bank Account Opening

Prevent your business from being connected with money laundering and financial crimes caused by fraudulent account holders. 

Keep Fraudsters Out of Consumer Loan Applications 

Protect your credit portfolio with highly secure identity fraud detection and reject fraudsters getting consumer loans approved. 

Safeguard SIM Card Registrations

Don’t let your reputation be compromised. Stop subscription fraud before it happens and protect your clients from SIM swap fraud.

Digital Onboarding Toolkit Customer Registration Use Case

Fight Identity Fraud With Remote Identity Verification

Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit offers high-performing and lightweight online identity verification for your web and mobile apps. In two simple steps, our technology verifies if the person being onboarded is who they claim to be. Our Trust Platform adds an extra layer of security as it prevents duplicate records.

Recognize Stolen and Synthetic Identities

To prevent identity theft using stolen, lost, or synthesized identity documents, the components of our Digital Onboarding Toolkit help you detect fraudulent attempts:

  • NFC Verification prevents the use of forged or altered identity documents.
  • Face Verification verifies if the holder of the identity document is present during the onboarding process.
Innovatrics Identity document verification - authenticity validation

Block Presentation Attacks 

Fraudsters use various methods of presentation attacks to make you believe they are somebody else. Leveraging in-house R&D, our algorithm can detect any spoof, whether a paper or a 3D mask, a photo or a video on the screen, or even a lifelike doll.

  • Our Liveness Detection is trained to detect various types of presentation attack vectors while eliminating friction for users, resulting in higher completion rates of new customer onboardings. 
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Don’t Forget to Check for Duplicates 

Especially in the finance field, fraudsters repeatedly apply for loans with different ID cards. To protect your business from this type of identity fraud, performing biometric deduplication (1:N) during the remote onboarding process can be highly effective.   

  • Our Trust Platform can compare face images captured during onboarding against millions of stored faces in milliseconds to find duplicates and detect fraudsters.
Identity Fraud Prevention

Use Identity Fraud Prevention as Global Leaders Do

When expanding its global presence, Home Credit, a global consumer finance provider, teamed up with Innovatrics to build up a user-friendly and secure digital onboarding solution. 

Innovatrics remote identity verification technology, combined with biometric deduplication, helped Home Credit reach 99% completion rates of their onboardings and 98% repayment rates of provided loans.

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