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Facial Recognition Access Control and Visitor Management

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SmartFace Seamless Access Control Use Case

Our Access Control package is based upon our facial recognition platform, SmartFace, and gives you a full set of tools to have a secure and smooth flow of people throughout your premises.

Improve Visitor Experience

Don’t keep your visitors waiting in long lines. Our system can accurately predict their behavior when they approach an access point such as a turnstile, door, ramp, and the like.

Watchlists & Access Logic Rules

Innovatrics Access Control system follows enrolled faces in a live video stream and instantly separates authorized individuals to prevent queuing. 

  • Customize watchlists and set of rules for access points   
  • Constantly improve the accuracy of facial recognition with Watchlist Autolearn
  • Enable or disable the collection and storage of visitor data for GDPR compliance
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Deploy Top-Performing Facial Recognition

Accuracy and speed are important in avoiding bottlenecks at access points. High accuracy prevents unauthorized users from gaining access while speed ensures the smooth flow of people at any time of the day.  

Top-Ranked Biometric Algorithms 

Our algorithms consistently score top marks on the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) organized by the US-based National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 

  • Precise and fast throughput
  • High accuracy assures access to your premises is only granted to authorized persons 
  • Instant face identification gives the users hassle-free passage within your property 
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SmartFace Facial Recognition

Speed Up Registration with Remote Onboarding

We’ve simplified the registration process so you can conveniently grant access to new users even remotely. You can also customize settings and easily give one-time or temporary access to your premises.

Access Registration App

Free up the workload of security personnel with a smart mobile app when enrolling new users in your database. Simply take a picture of the new user and their ID, and the user is good to go. 

  • The app works on Android and iOS 
  • Easily manage access rights via a user-friendly app
  • Give individuals access rights even remotely 

Smartface Enroll New User Easily

Integrate with Access Control Solution

Easily integrate our facial recognition system into your existing one used for access control. 

Integration Support

Our Access Control integrates smoothly via REST API with any 3rd party access control system, or it can be deployed as a standalone solution.

  • Integration with 3rd party solutions: ACS (e.g. Inner Range), VMS (e.g. Milestone XProtect, Nx Witness), Consent Management Systems
  • Compatibility with industry-standard protocols Wiegand or RS232/485
  • Rich network of integrating partners
  • Easily integrated with other smart building objects – e.g., elevators, doors, turnstiles
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Access Control Solution-smartface

Tech Box

Proprietary technology developed by industry-leader

Supports all standard video formats

Works with all IP cameras supporting Real Time Streaming Protocol

Detects and tracks faces fast and accurately in multiple video streams

Real-time face identification and notifications

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