Onboard New-to-Bank Customers in Just 2 Minutes. Remotely.

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Tatra Banka works with Innovatrics


  • 45 mins to open a new account
  • 100% of applications done in person
  • Manual, paper-based processing of applications


  • 2 minutes to open a new account
  • 59% of new applications done remotely
  • Fully automated – no more paperwork


Complying with KYC regulations while offering fully-remote customer onboarding is challenging. Tatra banka needed to be able to securely verify the identity of their customers, while at the same time offering them a fully digital experience.

Their existing KYC process required new customers to visit a branch in-person, complete paper-based application forms, and submit their identity documents for verification. The whole process took over 45 minutes, was labor-intensive, and prone to human error.

  • Make remote identity verification safe

    Without compromising user experience

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We teamed up to deliver secure customer onboarding in 2 simple steps via the Tatra banka mobile app. Powered by Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit, the customer simply needs to take a photo of both sides of their identity document and take selfie

In the background, our machine learning algorithm extracts the identity document data, performs optical character recognition (OCR), validates the authenticity of the document, and evaluates the selfie using biometric verification and liveness check. Additionally, the customer’s identity is verified against the registry of the Ministry of Interior.

  • Industry-leading biometrics & seamless integration

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Ongoing innovations have decreased the initial abandonment rate by 12% since adoption and customers save at least 70% of their time vs physical branch transactions.

In the first year after deployment, 30% of all new accounts and 50% of student accounts were opened fully remotely.

  • 59% of new accounts

    Opened automatically & remotely

  • 2 minutes

    Shortest onboarding time measured

  • 7 minutes

    Average new loan approval time

“In commercial and consumer banking, a key strategic challenge is the acquisition of new-to-bank customers. Innovatrics’ solution enables us to achieve our goal of simplifying and automating the entire process of opening a current account and drawing a loan, while enabling existing remote and mobile customers with full account access and functionality. “
Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director
Michal Liday
Tatra Banka
Onboard New-to-Bank Customers in Just 2 Minutes. Remotely.

CASE STUDY Onboard Customers in Just 2 Minutes. Remotely.

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