AI-Powered Liveness Check Prevents Identity Fraud

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Innovatrics liveness detection uses deep neural networks to make sure that the onboarded person is real and not a spoof.

Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit offers both active and passive liveness check options that can be used depending on client requirements.

Our technology cross-verifies the identity of an enrollee to prevent the switching of identities to pass the liveness check.

Active Liveness Check

Active Liveness Check requires users to perform a simple task such as following a moving dot on the screen. The algorithm monitors the movement of the pupils, evaluating whether the dot has been followed correctly.

  • Simplify remote customer onboarding and improve identity verification processes.
  • Comply with eKYC requirements.
  • Benefit from user-friendly technology that works on any smartphone.
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Passive Liveness Check

Built upon deep neural networks, our Passive Liveness Check can distinguish a real face from an image even without user interaction. It can run fully on-device, making the check instantaneous.

  • Running in the background of the face capture process, it only needs one frame to tell if the person is real and alive. Hence, it’s more difficult to spoof.
  • With both verification and liveness detection performed directly on-device, you can easily expand to emerging markets with poor or limited bandwidth capacity.
  • Utilizing the power of neural networks compressed into a light-weight mobile component, you can benefit from our top-performing facial recognition algorithms in the same way as having our server-based solution in place.
  • Allows secure, seamless, day-to-day facial authentication.

Combination of Both

When needed, active and passive liveness detection can coexist within an onboarding process.

  • Add extra security to your onboarding process by combining active and passive liveness checks.
  • Run the other liveness check if one proves inconclusive.
  • Leverage the DOT Risk Assessment functionality to further secure your onboarding and payment transactions.

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Works with any smartphone camera

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