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Biometric Identity Management Solution for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Criminal Investigation ABIS

Our criminal identification solution gives law enforcement and intelligence communities a platform to harness our proprietary biometric technologies for the faster and more accurate identification of individuals.

Identify Suspects More Accurately

With our criminal identification solution, you can process high volumes of fingerprints and faces to identify suspects or persons of interest.

Innovatrics Automated Biometric Identification System

Innovatrics ABIS is a standard-compliant and high-performance multimodal biometric software, utilizing fingerprint and face recognition technology. It allows you to quickly search for a match in a database of millions of records, speeding up the investigation process.

Innovatrics ABIS Criminal Investigation

Optimize Tasks to Build a Bulletproof Criminal Case

Our Investigation Module lets you perform identification based on latent fingerprints and/or palm prints. It helps you organize and analyze latent prints to build stronger forensic cases.

Investigation Module

We provide you the tools to improve the probability of finding a match in an ABIS database. We make sure that you execute the processes in a secure, independent and interoperable environment.

  • Supports latent-to-plain, latent-to-rolled, latent-to-palm and latent-to-latent matching modes
  • Latent editor for editing, managing and storing latent fingerprint images
  • Adjudicator tool for giving a detailed analysis in case a duplicate is found
ABIS Investigation Module

Match Detected Faces Against ABIS Database

In the absence of fingerprints, facial recognition search can be a powerful investigative tool in solving crimes. Our face recognition algorithm benefits from artificial intelligence and deep neural networks, making it one of the most trusted for both face verification and identification.

Face Adjudicator & Video Analysis

Video analysis is seamlessly integrated with our Face Adjudicator, which allows you to visually compare faces detected in videos with faces of applicants registered in ABIS.

  • Video search against ABIS
  • Face recognition from surveillance videos
  • Visual comparison of faces enrolled in ABIS
ABIS Face Adjudicator Video Analysis Investigation Module
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Innovatrics ABIS

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