About Innovatrics

We are an independent, trusted partner for biometric technologies for identity management.

With our innovative and award-winning algorithm used in Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS), we empower all types of organizations around the world to integrate or build powerful and flexible biometric large-scale identification solutions quickly and easily.

With over 12 years in business, extensive experience, agile team of biometric and software professionals, we focus on delivering accuracy, speed, and quality to solutions that incorporate Innovatrics biometric software.

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Our passion for technology brings biometric benefits to millions of people.

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Our values


Speed is in our DNA

From the performance of our products to the way we develop and support them, we focus on being the fastest and most flexible partner on the market.


We forge our own path

Having the freedom to choose our own direction, we always recommend what is best for our partners.


Commitment to excellence

We believe in quality. We guarantee and maintain a technological advantage in our products and services through continual improvement and by hiring talented professionals.


Together for mutual success

We work with our partners, not just for them, with a positive approach and a dialogue-driven attitude to meet the respective goals of our partners as well as of our colleagues.


Inspiring confidence through openness

We remain open to our customers, partners and each other by sharing knowledge and information every step of the way.


Thriving on the new and unexpected

We love a good challenge and that is why we approach each project with enthusiasm, skill and innovation.

Our management team

Ján Lunter CEO/CTO
Matúš Kapusta Delivery and Solutions Director
Michal Fischer Business Development Director
Dušan Očkaik Marketing Director

Our sales team

Tomáš Antolík BDM for Africa, Middle East and N. America
Vladimír Kostiviar BDM for Europe and Africa
Oscar Flores BDM for Latin America and Spain
Stanley Tay BDM for APAC
Nina Suchánková SDK Sales & Partners Manager
Bill Dumont Director Sales - The Americas

Our Human Resources

Katarína Vicenová HR Manager

Our story


beginnings of yet to become the fastest biometric algorithm

Jan Lunter works on new fingerprint algorithm during his studies of Image Processing in France.


technology leadership

The matching algorithm performs high accuracy and one of the industry lowest error rates. This technological leadership was demonstrated at a worldwide fingerprint algorithm competition - FVC2004. Our original approach to fingerprint recognition leaded to accuracy results that clearly distinguished us from other competitors.


First big project for Canadian company resulting in Foundation of Innovatrics

Taking the opportunity of university support Jan founds the company together with his French professor and friend. The name Innovatrics derives from the compilation of words: Innovation + Biometrics.


global recognition for Innovation

Innovatrics receives two prestigious awards in one year: The Innovative Entrepreneur of the year (Ernst & Young) and Global Fingerprint Technology Innovation of the Year ( Frost & Sullivan).


1st AFIS deployment


Innovatrics algorithm top ranked in speed and accuracy

Innovatrics becomes the top performer based on the exceptional results of AFIS performance in the most important fingerprint vendor evaluation FpVTE 2012.


10th anniversary of Innovatrics celebrates the success

Innovatrics is recognized as a leading technology company in the Central Europe by Deloitte. Jan Lunter becomes the IT personality of the Year in Slovakia. Company grew in meantime to 40 people.


The fastest AFIS in the world

Innovatrics algorithm performs 383+million fingerprint matches per second.


First fingerprint technology company worldwide to succeed in MINEX III

Minutiae Interoperability Exchange (MINEX) III continuing test organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


Launch of the next generation multimodal AFIS

Innovatrics AFIS is a fully scalable, multimodal, and customizable identity management solution with an incredible speed of 720 millions fingerprint matches per second.

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