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Biometric Partner Program

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Are you a system integrator or an independent software vendor with active opportunities or solutions that can benefit from the implementation of facial recognition features regardless of the platform?

Become a member of Innovatrics Partner Program and enhance your portfolio with top-ranked facial recognition technology on the market. It enables approved partners to use our proprietary technology combined with their expertise and services.

Digital Onboarding Toolkit

Integrate industry-leading facial biometrics, identity document optical character recognition (OCR) and liveness detection into your application. 


  • Automated OCR
  • Facial Authentication
  • Liveness Detection 
  • Identity Trust Score
Biometric OCR and Liveness Check

Seamless Access Control

Don’t keep your visitors waiting in long lines. Accurately predict their behavior when they approach an access point. Our Access Control system follows enrolled faces in a live video stream and instantly separates authorized individuals to prevent tailgating. 


  • Multiple Faces & Cameras Processing
  • Watchlist/Blocklist Management
  • Watchlist Autolearn
  • Access Logic & Decision Module
  • Enrollment of the Users
  • Access Control System & VMS Integrations
  • Face Masks Detection
  • Grouping of the Same Faces
  • Liveness Check
  • Temperature Scanning
Biometric Seamless Access Control

Surveillance & Security

Monitor large groups of people and rapidly identify potential security threats at airports, public gatherings, or sports arenas using real-time face detection and blocklist check. Gather statistics from large groups and carry out demographic analysis. Enjoy possible integrations with leading VMS providers like Milestone and NetworkOptix.


  • Multiple Watchlists
  • Real-time Identification
  • Multi-face Tracking and Detection
  • Blocklist Monitoring
  • Crowd Statistics
  • Industry-leading Speed & Accuracy
  • Loitering Detection

Surveillance and Security with Biometrics