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10/28/2020 - 10/30/2020

Marrakesh, Morocco

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Identity Week

Platinum Sponsor

11/17/2020 - 11/18/2020

London, UK

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MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking Keynote Speaker


Connect:ID Speaker

Washington, DC

INTERPOL Symposium Exhibitor

Lyon, France

Global Security Exchange 2019 Exhibitor

Chicago, IL, USA

Biometrics HITech Speaker

São Paulo, Brazil

Digital Banking Summit Speaker

Accra, Ghana

ID4Africa Exhibitor

Johannesburg, South Africa

Ciab FEBRABAN Exhibitor

São Paulo, Brazil

SDW 2018 Platinum Sponsor

London, UK

Integration Masterclass 2019 Organizer

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Connect:ID Platinum Sponsor

Washington D.C., USA

BioCon 2019 Organizer

Bratislava, Slovakia

Milipol Asia-Pacific Exhibitor


SECON 2019 Co-exhibitor

Seoul, Korea

Intersec Exhibitor

Dubai, UAE

Trustech 2018 Exhibitor

Cannes, France

IFSEC Southeast Asia Exhibitor

Bangkok, Thailand

ICAO TRIP 2018 Exhibitor

Montreal, Canada

Homeland Security Expo Exhibitor

Hanoi, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam

Federal Identity Forum Exhibitor

Tampa, Florida

Global ID Summit Exhibitor

New York, NY, USA

Fintech Americas Exhibitor

Miami, FL, USA

Biometrics HITech Summit 2018 Speaker

São Paulo, Brazil

Digital Banking Exhibitor

Panama City, Panama

SDW 2018 Exhibitor

London, United Kingdom

Ciab FEBRABAN Exhibitor

São Paulo, Brazil

Digital Banking Summit Partner & Presenter

Windsor, United Kingdom

Connect:ID Exhibitor

Washington, DC, United States

ID4Africa Movement 2018 Exhibitor

Abuja, Nigeria

FINSEC 2018 Exhibitor & Speaker

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Seamless Payments Africa 2018 Exhibitor & Speaker

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Trustech 2017 Exhibitor

Cannes, France

ICAO TRIP Symposium 2017 Exhibitor

Montreal, Canada

eID Conference Exhibitor

Bogota, Colombia

13th International Forensic Symposium Exhibitor

Bratislava, Slovak Republic

New Age Banking, Nigeria Exhibitor

Lagos, Nigeria

Phoenix 2017 Exhibitor

Prague, Czech Republic

Seamless East Africa Exhibitor

Nairobi, Kenya

Biometrics HITech 2017 Exhibitor

Sao Paulo, Brazil

INTERPOL World 2017 Exhibitor


SDW 2017 Exhibitor

London, UK

Ciab FEBRABAN 2017 Exhibitor

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Secure Identification 2017 Exhibitor

Riga, Latvia

Connect:ID Exhibitor

Washington D.C., USA

ID4Africa Forum & Expo Exhibitor

Windhoek, Namibia

IQSEC Identity solutions conference Exhibitor

Mexico City, Mexico

Seamless Payments Africa 2017 Exhibitor

Cape Town, South Africa

FINSEC – The banking security summit Biometric Sponsor & Exhibitor

Dubai, UAE

Trustech 2016 Exhibitor

Cannes, France

12 Symposium and Exhibition on ICAO TRIP Exhibitor

Montreal, Canada

Biometrics HITech Exhibitor

Brasília, Brazil

Biometrics 2016 Visitor

London, United Kingdom


Darmstadt, Germany

International Seminar on Identification and Development Exhibitor

Lima, Peru

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