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Innovatrics facial recognition technology is applicable for countless commercial solutions such as public security surveillance (multiface tracking and blacklist detection), ICAO check (border control & ID issuance), demographic analytics (retail customer behaviour analysis) and various mobile solutions including banking applications. Face recognition solutions include feature verification to prevent spoofing attacks.


Public security surveillance solutions

Monitor large groups of people and rapidly identify potential security threats at airports, public gatherings or sports arenas using real-time face detection and blacklist check. Gather statistics from large groups and carry out demographic analysis.


  • Multiface tracking and detection
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Crowd Statistics
  • Real-time matching
  • Industry-leading accuracy

Face capture solutions with ICAO facial image quality check

Face images to be included into machine readable travel documents have to fulfill quality requirements defined by international ICAO/ISO standards. Our face recognition technology meets these standards, making it ideal for border control and ID issuance projects which use e-passports or eID cards.


  • ICAO check
  • Background removal & picture cropping
  • Automated characteristics detection
  • Easy to use & hardware independent

Marketing data collection for the retail sector

Carry out comprehensive analysis of in-store customers using facial biometrics to provide demographic information. Easily analyse how many people enter the retail premises, time spent in-store, the gender split, age demographics and much more.


  • Gender detection
  • Age detection
  • People counting
  • Statistics

Mobile solutions for identity verification

A practical solution for organizations who wish to use facial biometrics in their mobile applications. Our facial biometric technology has been adapted for mobile and includes a very small facial library footprint of just 10MB. The performance has also been optimized for mobile devices; face detection, template extraction and matching can be completed in less than 500 milliseconds on an average smartphone. As a result, our mobile facial biometric solution delivers exceptional processing speed and unrivaled accuracy.

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Innovatrics facial biometric technology can be embedded into a range of devices such as CCTV cameras and consumer devices. The technology can also be integrated into 3rd party surveillance software.

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