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Scalable Facial Recognition Platform Able to Process Multiple Real-Time Video Streams

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SmartFace is a scalable facial recognition platform able to detect and identify faces and human appearance across multiple camera streams with top accuracy in real time. The power of our high-quality facial recognition algorithms supports any instant identification scenario for access control, pre-emptive security, and video investigation.

Facial Recognition for Real-Time Assessment of Security Risk

Through multiple watchlists containing hundreds of thousands of faces and smart notifications, SmartFace 5 can prevent security incidents from happening or accelerate the time to action in smart cities, airports, shopping centers, public transportation, stadiums, and other frequented places. 

With a proven track record of more than 500  biometric projects delivered globally to various government and enterprise customers, Innovatrics’ face recognition ecosystem supports complete access control and security use cases, combining various deployment options including on-premise or edge-to-cloud cascaded architecture.

SmartFace Facial Recognition Server Platform

Novel Architecture to Support Unlimited Number of Cameras

Leveraging SmartFace’s unique cascaded architecture, the security of airports, smart cities, shopping centers, public transportation, or any other public areas can be ensured by real-time video analysis. With the ability to process video feeds from an unlimited number of cameras in a particular public area, security incidents can be timely intervened or even prevented.

Edge-to-Cloud Architecture

With our cascaded architecture, video streams are pre-processed on edge devices at/or near each camera’s location, resulting in a dramatic reduction of bandwidth requirements and savings on server resources required at the central site. SmartFace can be easily scaled and also utilize the resources of a server to its maximum.

Edge-to-Cloud architecture of face recognition system

Complete Feature Set for Any Facial Recognition Use Case

We have designed the SmartFace Platform to be extremely fast while providing reliable facial recognition capabilities in real time.

Face Mask Detection

Accurate Face Identification 

Our proprietary facial recognition works precisely even on low-quality images or images made in subpar lighting conditions. SmartFace also accurately recognizes faces in different positions or partially obscured by hair, hands, or objects.  

Tracking and Grouping

SmartFace can track a person through multiple frames and store all faces detected during the tracking of the same person in a single entity called tracklet.

Pedestrian Attribute Recognition

In addition to pedestrian detection, the SmartFace Platform provides advanced functionality to extract valuable attributes of detected pedestrians, such as gender, age group, body orientation, and clothing attributes.

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Watchlist Autolearn

Over time, the biometric template of a person is automatically and dynamically updated, ensuring exceptional accuracy even with a face mask on or when an individual’s face attributes gradually change over time.

Face Mask Detection

SmartFace can accurately detect a face mask and can notify the person to wear the facemask correctly, or reject access in case a person is not wearing a facemask. SmartFace works well also in degraded lighting conditions or recognizes people wearing sunglasses and hats.

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Liveness Detection

Utilizing our passive liveness check and real-time notifications, SmartFace can reliably detect spoofing attempts and prevent unauthorized access to premises.

Smart Notifications 

Monitoring a number of screens is exhausting, inefficient, and time-consuming. Our SmartFace notification mechanism allows the precise configuration of events and situations that will trigger a notification or an alert that are worth an operator’s attention. Alerts can be sent to other systems like smartphone applications or emails.

Face Search

Our facial biometric algorithm can perform a highly accurate search among all detected faces even if the reference image is of poor quality. It can subsequently track the movement of the subject across monitored areas. 

Hardware & Software Agnostic Facial Recognition Platform

SmartFace Platform supports standard legacy OS such as Windows and Linux, as well as supporting various edge devices including NVIDIA Jetson, Ambarella, and Blaize. 

SmartFace does not require a GPU, but can also utilize it to increase performance and run on as many devices as possible.

API Integration 

SmartFace can be used out of the box or can be integrated into your existing architecture and systems using an API. It comes with detailed product technical documentation and a well-documented API to ease integration. 

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utilize sensor and camera independence

HW & SW Requirements

Operating system
Windows Server 2016 (x64)
Windows Server 2019 (x64)
Windows 10
Linux (any distribution supporting Docker containers)
Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier

MS SQL Server 2016+
Postgre SQL 13.2+
Minio DB

Sizing recommendation
Minimum 2 GB for SmartFace + approx. 10 MB/camera/day

Supported cameras

  • All IP cameras supporting RTSP
  • Web cameras
  • Mobile phone cameras

Supported video formats
All standard video formats

Supported GPU
CUDA compatible, min. 4 GB RAM


Sizing Recommendations

RAM per camera*

CPU per camera*
1x 2,6GHz CPU physical core

Bandwidth per camera*
4 – 8 Mbps

Multiple faces tracking

*1 HD camera (1280×720 px), 25fps



Message notifications

Integrated VMS

  • Nx Witness VMS
  • Milestone XProtect VMS

Integrated ACS

  • Inner Range ACS


SmartFace Platform

Use Cases

Smartface for Facilility Management

Access Control

Our SmartFace Platform, together with Access Controller, ensure seamless passage through access points even in various scenarios with multiple people and different conditions.

SmartFace Surveillance Use Case Public Places Control

Public Security

Monitor public places to control and prevent crime with the use of blocklists and instant notifications. Suitable for airports, public transportation, or facility management.

SmartFace Video Investigation Use Case

Video Investigation

Process recorded offline video against watchlists to identify suspects and prevent crimes. It’s suitable for facility and property management.

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Facial Recognition Platform

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