Face Recognition Platform

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Face Recognition Platform

SmartFace is a high-performance, scalable, face recognition server platform able to process multiple real-time video streams in parallel. Leveraging Innovatrics’ industry-leading algorithm, SmartFace allows system integrators to easily incorporate face recognition into their solutions.

Rapid deployment, with no biometric skills required.

Save time and cost. Developed listening to requirements from the field, SmartFace solves the typical problems associated with face recognition SDKs such as lack of specialist biometric expertise, long integration times, and problems working with video files, multiple IP camera streams. SmartFace is by design easy to integrate, potentially saving hundreds of man-hours and dramatically shortening ROI periods.

Key features

How does it work?

Explore the Benefits of SmartFace

Technology specification

HW & SW Requirements

  • Operating system:
    Windows Server 2016 (x64), Windows 10
  • Database:
    MS SQL Server 2016+
  • Storage:
    Minimum 2 GB for SmartFace + approx. 10 MB/camera/day
  • Supported cameras:
    All IP cameras supporting Real Time Streaming Protocol
  • Supported video formats:
    All standard video formats
  • Supported GPU:
    CUDA compatible, min. 4 GB RAM

Sizing Recommendations

  • RAM per camera*:
  • CPU per camera*:
    1x 3GHz CPU physical core
  • Bandwidth per camera*:
    4 – 8 Mbps
  • Multiple faces tracking:

*1 Full HD camera (1920×1080), 25fps


  • Interface:
  • Message notifications:

Did you know?

Innovatrics face recognition technology, IFace, is a top performer across all categories in NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT).

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