Innovatrics ABIS Identity Fraud Prevention for Enterprise

All-in-one biometric identity management for secure remote customer onboarding, customer authentication and 1:N identification

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Innovatrics biometric identity management solution leverages robust biometric identity verification that allows private companies to collect, store and process biometric data, and use them for efficient identity fraud prevention.

With a customer’s biometric data analysis in place, you can customize or fully automate the identity verification process and risk management according to your business and regulatory needs.

Biometric Remote Document Issuance

“Innovatrics industry-leading facial biometric and identity management technology is at the core of Home Credit’s remote onboarding applications in 5 key markets. More importantly, Innovatrics is a reliable, innovative, and trusted partner. ”

Jan Krpalek, Data Science Lead, Home Credit Philippines

Identity fraud prevention across different industries

  • Digital Onboarding and Identity Management in Banking
  • Risk Management for Credit Providers
  • Digital Certificate Issuance
  • Identity Verification as a Service
  • e-SIM Registration and Identity Management in Telco
  • Identity Management in the Airline Industry
High Quality Data Collection in Biometrics

Biometric Identification for Identity Fraud Prevention

High volume biometric duplicate checks (1 : many identification) can be used to identify fraudsters and guarantee that online transactions are not only easily accessible but also secure.


Face and Fingerprint Deduplication

Every time a new client is onboarded or an existing client tries to access services, Innovatrics ABIS – Identity Management Solution, automatically checks the customer biometric data against existing records from onboarding. When an enrolled photo or fingerprint record doesn’t match the existing personal information, an alert is raised.

eKYC with Reliable Identity Verification and Liveness Detection

Innovatrics Identity Management Solution for enterprise allows financial institutions, telco companies and other businesses with regulatory obligations to verify a customer’s identity when opening an account.

During the customer onboarding process, Innovatrics Biometric Identity Management Solution verifies the identity of the customer using identity document verification, face verification and passive liveness detection. The stored biometric data from onboarding can be used for customer verification by utilizing face recognition technology when accessing services over time, making sure that your clients are genuinely who they claim to be.

ABIS - Remote onboarding smartphone

Data Extraction & Authenticity Check

Innovatrics industry-leading OCR engine can be trained to recognize any identity document. It supports MRZ data extraction for passports, document tampering detection and auto capture to guarantee high quality data collection. Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Bengali and Chinese script recognition are supported.

Face Verification

Innovatrics Biometric Identity Management Solution for Enterprise compares the actual face against the face from an identity document or previously stored facial photo to avoid fraudsters from getting access to services.

Innovatrics high-performing face recognition algorithms are consistently ranked among the best based on independent NIST tests. When onboarding new customers or users remotely, face verification helps to verify their identity and document ownership.

Liveness Detection

Built upon deep neural networks, our passive liveness detection can distinguish a real face from an image and prevent presentation attacks even without user interaction. This guarantees that the user is being identified with their face and not a photograph or mask. Innovatrics passive liveness is accredited iBeta level 2 PAD testing.

Innovatrics liveness detection can run on server or fully on-device, making identity checks instantaneous.

Liveness detection white paper

Trust Server for Identity Fraud Risk Assessment

At the core of our automated identity verification and risk assessment is the Innovatrics Trust Server component. During the digital customer onboarding process, Trust Server collects, evaluates and stores all the biometric information of the applicant for a detailed analysis.

biometric trust factors

Trust Factors Assessment

The Trust Server assigns scores for each collected trust factor. Data extracted from identity documents (using OCR or NFC) are matched with a face photo from the selfie, AI-powered age & gender estimation and liveness detection.

User Interface for Review by Operator

Operators can manually review customer onboarding and check various trust factors with their respective scores, and approve or correct the onboarded data. If fraudulent activity is suspected, operators can reject the onboarding and add the suspicious identity to the blocklist to prevent account misuse.

Automated Identity Fraud Prevention

It is possible to automate the customer onboarding risk assessment by setting the thresholds to accept or reject the onboarding based on the project requirements. Innovatrics consultants will help you set the thresholds for optimum results for a bespoke identity management solution.

Biometric Authentication with Audit Logs

After a user is successfully onboarded, Innovatrics identity management solution database securely stores all the records belonging to the same person together. Our in-house facial recognition technology can grant secure access to the user’s account upon each login using their face. It can be easily searched and shared for KYC/AML reporting to the authorities when needed.
All transactions from customer onboarding to identity access management are logged to guarantee accountability and transparency when dealing with the customer’s personal data.

biometric face authentication

Flexible Identity Fraud Prevention Deployment On-Premise or In-Cloud

Innovatrics Identity Management Solution for Enterprise comes in modules that are easy to configure according to the project requirements.

The solution can be easily integrated with your existing system and architecture. Innovatrics ABIS can be deployed on local servers or in the cloud, supporting major commercial cloud platforms like AWS or AZURE.

Easy to Integrate and Customize

Innovatrics ABIS features well-documented APIs based on REST to make the integration of our biometric identity management solution more straightforward and quick.

Innovatrics consultants duly analyze each project together with the client in order to guarantee quick delivery and smooth integration.