Innovatrics ABIS ABIS for Civil Identification

Biometrics for Civil Identification, Verification, Management of National Identity Biometric Data

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Innovatrics ABIS solution for Civil Identification is a favorite choice of system integrators and government agencies for their civil identification projects due to its high-performance biometric algorithms and lower hardware requirements.

Automated Biometric Identification System Identity Management

“Ecuador government uses Innovatrics ABIS counting almost 14 mil. records to support new biometric passports and national electronic ID project that will allow Ecuadorian citizens to perform electronic signature operations and access public social welfare services in the near future. Innovatrics ABIS features software tools for enrollment to facilitate fingerprint and facial photo capture fully compliant with the requirements set by NFIQ or ISO standards and ICAO specifications. ”

Trusted Biometric Identification for Civil Registers

Designed for accuracy, our ABIS system allows high quality biometric data enrollment, migration and processing of large biometric databases with extreme efficiency and speed. Predefined modules for enrollment, matching and search make it easy to deploy solutions for ID, driver’s license or passport issuance, or reliable social security, and healthcare data management.

  • National ID, Driver’s license, Passports Issuance
  • Border Control
  • Visa Issuance
  • Identity Management for Elections
  • Social Security, Pension and Health Care
  • Ghost Worker Detection System
ABIS-Biometrics Fingerprint

Contactless Enrollment for Secure eGovernment Services

With a unique combination of biometric tools, Innovatrics Civil Identification solution enables reliable remote enrollment and identity verification on mobile devices. Innovatrics Civil Identification helps government agencies to unlock user-friendly digital government services of the future, such as remote document or certificate issuance.

Remote Access to Government Services

Civil Identification with Efficient Fingerprint, Face and Iris Algorithms

Innovatrics ABIS offers 3 biometric modalities (fingerprint, face and iris) in a single compact and easy-to-install solution. Using the power of efficient biometric algorithms, ABIS can process up to 10 million faces or irises with a single CPU core per second and is designed to handle increasingly larger civil registers. Our proprietary biometric algorithms have been ranked among the best on the market based on independent NIST benchmarks since 2009.

Innovatrics ABIS Accuracy Graphic

Configurable Workflows for Identity Management

Innovatrics ABIS is a state-of-the-art Identity Management solution. It covers all aspects of the identity lifecycle – from first enrollment into the civil register or updating of an existing identity through document handling to final dissolution of the identity. With its configurable workflows, queue management (with 4-eye control) and operators’ action tracking, ABIS automatically incorporates business requirements into identity administration.

ABIS configurable workflows

High Availability & Scalability for Civil Identification Projects

Our ABIS solution remains always highly operational, supporting efficient data synchronization or parallel installations of production/disaster recovery sites providing 0 downtime. Using smart ABIS software architecture strategies, our ABIS scales efficiently to meet increasing workloads or number of enrollees.

ABIS Smart Recognition Use Case

Civil Identification Features

Instant Facial Recognition

Web Supervisor – Modern User Interface

Innovatrics Civil Identification provides a basic web-based user interface for biometric identity management systems. Our intuitive user interface allows you to easily browse, search, filter and sort records. It has a system administration interface that makes it easy for admins of the biometric identity system to audit logs and monitor any activity.

Enrollment Server

Innovatrics ABIS comes with an application for fingerprint, palmprint and face enrollment using a web browser and central server. Fingerprints (rolled or plain), palmprints and facial photos can be easily processed and added to the civil identification system. The enrollment application also supports the scanning of cards and latent fingerprints.
*Appropriate modality must be purchased.

Enrollment Station

Innovatrics ABIS can be delivered with an offline enrollment station – an application for PC- or Android-based devices used to collect biometric data. It has local storage and supports offline export/import of biometric data.

Mobile Components for High Quality Online Biometric Data Enrollment

Innovatrics ABIS can integrate mobile components for remote biometric data enrollment, including NIST top-ranked facial verification, ICAO-compliant selfie autocapture, document data extraction & authenticity check (supporting MRZ, NFC data extraction) and passive liveness detection to prevent ID fraud or low quality data.
*Trust Server and Face modality must be purchased.

Trust Server

When enrolling biometric data remotely via online channels, Innovatrics Trust Server component evaluates different trust factors:

Enrollment Data Review

Trust server comes with an interface for the operator to review remote biometric enrollment and visualize enrollment data and various trust factors with workflow options to:

Deduplication, Search and Identification

Innovatrics ABIS offers powerful biometric deduplication, intuitive UI using split screen functionality, face or fingerprint adjudicator, instant search (with uploaded fingerprint image or facial photo), and on-demand identification (with an enrolled applicant).
*Appropriate modality must be purchased.

Tech Box

Customizable biometric engine 

Integration based on OpenAPI