Innovatrics ABIS AFIS / ABIS for Criminal Investigation

Identify unknown suspects instantly using latent fingerprints, palm prints, or faces captured from videos or photos

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Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation is designed to instantly and accurately identify unknown criminals or suspects based on latent fingerprints, palm prints, or faces captured from videos or photos. Our integrated criminal case management helps you organize captured fingerprints or videos from a crime scene. It is optimized for biometric experts of forensic crime labs and comes with custom setup and special training.

Innovatrics ABIS is deployed in one of the largest biometric criminal investigation systems in the world.

Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation features

  • Finger and face identification (NIST ranked) algorithms
  • Complete solution for enrollment (rolled prints, palmprints, mugshots, cards)
  • Case management with latent editor
  • Integrated solution of multiple ABISes into a single service
  • Mobile enrollment and identification
  • Non-biometric search based on SMT characteristics
Criminal Investigation ABIS

AFIS / ABIS for Criminal Investigation

Innovatrics standard-compliant and high-performance automated biometric identification software enables quick and accurate search for a match in a database of millions of fingerprint, face, or iris records in a fraction of a second.

SMT annotation search in Innovatrics ABIS

Multimodal Biometric Capability

Our biometric algorithms for criminal investigation have been developed in the Innovatrics research lab since 2004. They rank among the best ABIS providers for accuracy and speed based on NIST evaluation.

High Scalability

Relying on smart software architecture strategies, Innovatrics ABIS scales efficiently to meet increasing workloads or number of enrollees while maintaining low hardware requirements.

High Availability & Interoperability

Innovatrics ABIS solution is highly operational, supports efficient data synchronization or parallel installations of Production/Disaster Recovery sites, and provides virtually zero downtime.
The high-performance biometric matching capability of our Criminal Investigation ABIS serves as a base for seamless integration of different services and data sources for criminal investigation operations.

Workflows for criminal investigation

Our customizable workflow is a built-in identity management system optimized for criminal investigation operations provided with Innovatrics ABIS.
With our configurable dynamic business rules, fully customized workflows, operational procedures and operators’ action tracking, Innovatrics ABIS easily accommodates specific requirements of different criminal investigation procedures.

Web-Based User Interface

Innovatrics ABIS comes with an intuitive web-based interface, which makes the use, maintenance and support of ABIS easier and allows for quick operator training. From applicant overview, applicant details, hitlists, user management, enrollment to adjudication, system administration, and monitoring, all the features of our Criminal Investigation ABIS are easily accessible and intuitive to use.
The web-based user interface enables police operators to access the central ABIS engine from different sites without the need to deploy multiple ABIS installations for each site or branch.

Interfaces, Compatibility and Standards

For most Criminal Investigation ABIS projects that we deliver, we integrate with legacy biometric systems from different vendors and different standards. Every project architecture is therefore thoroughly analyzed. Each solution is tailored to comply with different standards and interfaces.

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Enrollment (Finger, Face, Iris) from a Person or from a Criminal Card

Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation enables fast and high-quality biometric data collection for creating new records in the ABIS database. It supports a wide range of biometric devices and scanners, avoiding vendor lock-ins.
The enrollment application for web browser or android devices provides a step-by-step guide to law enforcement agents through the subject enrollment process while evaluating the quality of collected biometric data in real time.
Our Criminal Investigation ABIS stores each set of modalities (fingerprints, faces, irises) into one record and also stores images of soft biometric modalities such as scars, marks and tattoos (SMT) and demographic data.

Fingerprint enrollment from a card

Fingerprint Enrollment

The basic ABIS functionality of our criminal investigation solution includes the enrollment and processing of plain and rolled fingerprints, palm prints directly from a person, from cards and from latent fingerprints.

Face Enrollment

To enhance criminal investigations with face biometrics, Innovatrics ABIS supports face data enrollment from a mugshot or any real-life photo suitable for biometric identification. Our enrollment app features a smart guide to capture a face image compliant with ICAO standards when necessary.

Scars, Marks & Tattoos Enrollment

Innovatrics ABIS also offers soft biometric identification capabilities. An investigator or law enforcement officer can now add scars, marks, and tattoos description (SMT) to a person’s profile, and can also perform searches against the database for these specific characteristics.
Given the intuitive user interface of our Criminal Investigation ABIS, it is quite easy to add labels or attributes to a person’s profile or to evidence that comply with NIST NCIC Code.

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Latent Print Matching & Adjudication for Criminal Investigation

Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation is a forensic system focused on the identification of criminals using mugshot photos and digital or latent fingerprints.
Our Criminal Investigation ABIS provides a higher level of additional functional features to support different activities related to pre- and post-processing of biometric evidence for the better performance of basic biometric operations and for court exhibit creation.

Innovatrics ABIS fingerprint adjudicator

Latent Print Editor

Once the pasted latent print is captured and the image is entered into ABIS, our Latent Print Editor provides a toolset for the manual editing of the fingerprint probe to improve the quality of a matching operation. Innovatrics Latent Print Editor offers a set of tools for pre-processing:

Latent & Palm Print Matching

When a fingerprint template from a criminal investigation (set of approved minutiae) is ready for identification, we run a full search in the ABIS database. Innovatrics fingerprint matching supports latent-to-plain, latent-to-rolled, latent-to-palm and latent-to-latent matching modes. The uncovered candidates can be displayed in the adjudicator.

Biometric Visual Audit for Expert Adjudication

If there is a hit or any suspicious pair of applicants recorded in the system, the result has to be visually checked by a forensic expert to make a final manual decision.
Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation features a split-screen adjudication tool for side by side analysis of probe and candidate, including similarity scores for multiple modalities and textual data.
Our Adjudicator tool performs biometric data analysis for criminal investigation on the level of forensic experts: search among enrolled applicants or cases / evidence, define parameters of the search for given use case (Speed, Threshold, Rotation, Number of Candidates), visualize list of candidates from the reference database ordered by identification score, 1:1 visual comparison of probe and one of selected candidate, visual annotation of significant marks that are the same on the probe and candidate – to explain why a specialist decided that there is a hit and to mark a candidate as a hit.

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Face-in-Video Identification for Criminal Investigation

Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation can accelerate post-event investigations based on facial biometrics with faster than real-time face-in-video identification (up to 25 times faster than the actual length of an uploaded video).

Interfacing with our Criminal Investigation ABIS core functionality, a high volume of faces detected in multiple video files collected on the scene can be subsequently searched in the ABIS database through the leading NIST Wild Category face recognition algorithm developed inhouse by our R&D center.

Face-in-the-video identification

Video Management System for Criminal Investigation

Innovatrics ABIS supports FIVI operations for criminal investigation with an intuitive video management system for search by marking and grouping of persons of interest, video annotation, storage and video player.

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Criminal Case Management

Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation helps keep evidence grouped into cases and be organized.
Image evidence can be personal biometric information like fingerprints, latent prints, face photo or video sequences, and non-biometric information like SMT (scars, marks, tattoos), face characteristics/mugshots, body characteristics, or other images related to the case.
Each piece of evidence has further details of information customizable according to the local legal framework of the criminal investigation process: information about evidence upload, metadata, personal characteristics, history of performed biometric identifications for each fingerprint or face, and stored information about a hit for each identified biometric evidence.
Using Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation case management can reveal connections between different unresolved cases and court exhibit creation.

Criminal case management in Innovatrics ABIS