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Our goal is to discuss the vision for the future of biometric technology. Seasoned industry experts will share their exclusive insights on real-life projects from all over the world.

Biocon Brasil 2023
Biocon 2023 – Malaysia
Jan Lunter
Founder and CEO, Innovatrics
Biocon 2023 – Malaysia
Jose Alberto Lisac
CEO, GSI Sertracen Corporate Group
Biocon 2023 – Malaysia
Igor Janos
Image Data Synthesis Lead, Innovatrics
Biocon 2023 – Malaysia
Alexander Rakov
VP Sales, Europe, Smartmatic
Biocon 2023 – Malaysia
Toledo Moisses
Head of Sales, Veridos MX
“We are not only creators of algorithm, but we create also surrounding technology.”
“So it is a good example of integration…Costa Ricans living outside Costa Rica have been enrolled. We capture fingerprints, we capture the facial, we process that through Innovatrics and then we validate with the National Civil Registry.”
“ If you have some kind of biases in your original data, then the generator will also learn those biases… so it is really difficult to avoid them. You must work with the original data, and only then you can avoid these biases.”
"Identity-related fraud is one of the major fraud cases in elections. And when we design a new system for a client, it's always designing bottoms up...always take into consideration that unique identification of a voter is actually a foundation principle in the trustworthiness of elections."
"To make enrollment of the people, we have to validate...accomplishing all the ICAO standards regarding the face, the dimensions, and the positions of the eyes...of the mouth.... So we are using some of the components that Innovatrics provides to the stations, not within the central ABIS but also for the components in the large-scale deployment."

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