Driving Licenses, Brazil


Our technology was chosen to enhance the current driving licence issuance system in Brazilian state, Rondonia. Prior to the final decision, our solution was tested in the proof of concept where it was customized based on the specific project needs, including the operators training and implementation.

Our solution

Innovatrics AFIS enhanced the existing AFIS solution in processing the current database of rolled fingerprints and assisted by enrolling up to 2 million new registrations withing the upcoming three years. Our face detection software iFace is used to maintain the ICAO standards of the face capture.

Our partner

The overall project was deployed by our business partner Thomas Greg & Sons do Brasil, responsible for the process of printing the driver’s license for DETRAN (Departamento de Trânsito), Traffic Department, in order to ensure the unicity of drivers ´data in the database.

2 000 000
new enrollees

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