Hospitality Online Check-In for Accommodation Providers

Know Your Guests with Remote Identity Verification

Online Hotel Check-in with Innovatrics Remote Identity Verification

No matter the type of accommodation – hotels, motels, apartments, villas, or campsites – they all have to check in their clients, even if there’s no reception desk. On the other hand, guests don’t want to be bothered with time-consuming check-in procedures and prefer online check-in solutions. Using our remote identity verification in an online check-in solution, accommodation providers can satisfy guests’ demands for flexibility and comfort upon their arrival while saving valuable resources.

Smooth Check-In Journey to Improve Guest Experience

Leveraging fully automated online check-in, guests are able to self-manage the check-in process completely online using their mobile devices or desktops. On top of that, remote check-in helps them avoid all the hassle and waiting related to old-fashioned check-in procedures, making their experience pleasant right upon their arrival to the accommodation. 

On the flip side, the hoteliers get complete and verified information about each guest minus the bother of in-person check-ins. 

Go Online and Cut the Check-In Process to Less Than a Minute

Utilizing our Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT) in the online check-in, guests only have to take a picture of their passport or ID, follow simple prompts, and check if the data on the screen is correct. A confirmation email can be sent afterward, along with a passcode for an easy check-in to their accommodation.

  • Thanks to our AI-powered OCR, there’s no trouble with making copies or rewriting the data from identity documents to paper forms. All the data are securely stored the moment a guest checks in online. 
  • Leveraging remote identity verification technology, hoteliers can skip identity checks upon arrival and offer guests a comfortable, fully contactless check-in experience.  
  • Having their guests checked in remotely, landlords and property owners can forget all the hassle of checking their guests in and out in person.
ABIS - Remote onboarding smartphone

Know Your Guests With Effective and Secure Online Check-In

With the online check-in using our DOT, all the tasks connected to standard check-in procedures can be executed automatically prior to guest arrival as the identity of each guest is biometrically verified remotely by highly secure identity verification technology. 

Optimize Visitor Management Processes

By integrating DOT into the hotel check-in app, all guest’s identity-related data, including the photos of their IDs or passports, are automatically uploaded to the system during the online check-in. In addition, the guests feel more secure and have a better experience on-site as they don’t have to hand over their identity documents to anybody. 

  • Hoteliers save hours of time and valuable resources by eliminating manual reviews and late check-ins at the reception desk.  
  • Visitor management processes become more effective with a click-away overview of the number of guests per day, useful filters, and reports. 
  • Using our top-ranked facial biometrics and iBeta Level 2 accredited liveness detection, hoteliers can conveniently perform know-your-guest checks while reliably preventing fraudulent use of identity and resultant financial losses. 
Online Hotel Check-in with Innovatrics Remote Identity Verification

Easy Integration with Well-Documented API

Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit offers a complete set of tools and options for cost-effective and reliable identity verification of guests remotely. The hoteliers can choose and combine DOT components and integrate them easily via API into their apps and hotel systems to suit their own needs.

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