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The Innovatrics Automated Biometric Identification System leverages market-leading technology that is recognized by system integrators and solution providers who demand a large-scale, easy to integrate, standard-compliant and high-performance biometric identity management solution for a biometric multimodal system.

Innovatrics ABIS delivers exactly what you need. It is a reliable multimodal biometric software utilizing fingerprint, palm print, face, and iris recognition technology. With full modularity, you can easily get a solution tailored to your business processes. Our customer-driven approach guarantees real-time and 24/7 onsite support to ensure that your bespoke system works flawlessly.

Built upon open architecture, Innovatrics ABIS offers freedom in choosing the exact components your organization needs to develop the perfect identity management solution. You have the option to add independent modules, bringing you open and cost-effective solutions with the flexibility to upgrade when necessary.

This new approach to ABIS is especially valuable in large projects such as national ID and social security, travel and border control, elections (voter registration and verification), and registration and authentication of employees in commercial applications.

Key Features


Fully scalable, multimodal and customizable solution that allows customers to choose exactly what they need.

With an open architecture you can easily integrate ABIS into your existing biometric system.

Independent modules bring you cost-effective solutions with the flexibility to upgrade when necessary.

Web supervisor simplifies ABIS administration and monitoring through its core components:

• Record browser – search, filter and display details of ABIS records
• Administration – setup ABIS parameters or modify configuration through a web-based interface
• System audit – track changes in audit logs, collect system logs or analyze statistics
• Monitoring – real-time monitoring of ABIS cluster components and services

Biometric Audit allows you to track, search and analyze records and duplicates of fingerprint, face and palm print records by using a modern and comfortable web-based interface. Split-screen is used for a side-by-side analysis of duplicate records. Split-screen contains similarity scores for all available modalities, together with textual data.

For a detailed analysis of fingerprint, face and palm print duplicates, forensic experts can see all relevant details in our adjudication tools. On-demand identification and verification tool allows to re-check an existing record using different parameters or another matching approach.

With workflows module you can tailor your ABIS workflow for different scenarios (e.g. new document, document renewal, expiration) according to your specific business needs.

This module helps you keep records belonging to the same person together. Workflow module specific features:

• Ready to Use Workflows – a set of predefined commonly used rules and operations allow quick deployment and extensive configuration capabilities
• Exception Processing – exception queuing for manual processing based on pre-configured parameters (similarity threshold, quality check, textual duplicate)
• Configurable High-Volume De-duplication – a set of custom rules defining the business logic of duplicates processing
• Queue Management – allows enforcement of business rules and is responsible for assignment of specific tasks directly to defined operators (e.g. Senior Adjudicator, Supervisor)
• QA Check – additional quality criteria for imported records. After manual inspection the operator can decide whether the record will be released to standard processing, repaired or refused
• Split Screen and Adjudicator – visual tools for easy face to face comparison of duplicates or non-matching renewals including tools from the biometric audit module which makes the operator’s decision easier
• Action Tracking – tracks any action performed by a human operator (manual actions) or the system (automatic actions), displays a situation before and after the action was executed
• Customizable Record Structure – an applicant record with configurable demographic data fields, fingerprint positions, other biometric modalities, documents and external identifiers

Workflows module can be activated without a system update or re-deployment.

Innovatrics ABIS is a reliable multimodal biometric software utilizing fingerprint, palm print, face, and iris recognition technology. With full modularity, you can easily get a solution tailored to your business processes.

Facial, iris and palm print matching is visible on the Adjudicator screen and can be also used via API, in the same way as fingerprint identification or verification.

Multimodal biometric configuration can include:

• Fingerprint Verification (1:1) or Fingerprint Identification (1:N)
• Facial Verification (1:1) or Facial Identification (1:N)
• Iris Verification (1:1) or Iris Identification (1:N)
Palm print Verification (1:1) or Palm print Identification (1:N)

Latent Case Manager

Extends Innovatrics ABIS to perform identification based on latent fingerprints and/or palmprints. Latent-to-plain, latent-to-rolled, latent-to-palm and latent-to-latent matching modes are supported. Latent case management helps to organize latent prints into latent cases. In the event a duplicate is found, the adjudicator tool provides a detailed analysis and court exhibit creation.

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Latent Editor

Is an easy-to-use editor which enhances the latent print image in a couple of minutes and sends the image to ABIS in one click. Available as a stand-alone module, it is compatible with any AFIS.

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Capitalizing on our SmartFace technology, Face Search is an optional module that allows ABIS users to search for individuals based on faces detected in video files. Our ground-breaking face recognition algorithm benefits from artificial intelligence and deep neural networks, making it one of the fastest and most precise for both face verification and identification. In fact, Innovatrics emerged as one of the best vendors in the main Visa category after our most recent FRVT submission.

Face Search is seamlessly integrated with the new Face Adjudicator, which allows the users to visually compare faces detected in video with faces of applicants registered in ABIS.

Thomas Greg and Sons is simply impressed by the willingness of Innovatrics to tailor their solutions to our specific needs. The unwavering support of the Innovatrics team in every step of the way was instrumental in the successful implementation of the project. As such, we would highly recommend Innovatrics to any company in the market in need of ABIS and other biometric solutions.

Thomas Greg & Sons

Marcos Maresch - IT Director

Innovatrics is a reliable Partner with strong technical team and excellent customer care practices and their multimodal matching software offers exceptional performance for QICard software application.

International Smart Card, Iraq

Chandra Sekhar - Director of IT Services

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