Innovatrics ABIS is a biometric identity management system supporting fingerprint, iris and facial recognition. Fast and accurate performance is achieved with minimal hardware requirements. Thanks to its modular architecture, our ABIS is easy to customize. Open APIs allow smooth integration with other systems to avoid vendor lock-in.

We have successfully deployed our ABIS to hundreds of large scale biometric projects, including some of the most complex biometric systems worldwide.

Biometric audit

Biometric Algorithms

Utilizing our fingerprint, facial and iris recognition technology, you can easily get a solution tailored to your business processes. Our high-performing algorithms are consistently ranked among the best based on independent NIST tests.

Our Technology
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In-House Technology

The technology developed by our own R&D Center guarantees flexibility, expertise and agility. Our solutions are not dependent on any third party, keeping agreed prices unaffected by the market or licensing.

Our ABIS is well-documented to make it easy for you to integrate into your existing environment. Our rich API ensures that you can connect to independent modules and services as you see fit.

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Low Hardware Requirements

With high throughput and robustness, our ABIS scales efficiently to meet increasing workloads or number of enrollees. Our previous experience shows that we can lower hardware requirements by as much as 70% when replacing legacy solutions.

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Use Cases

Goverment ABIS Use Case

Government ABIS

Register people and maintain a reliable biometric system within governmental applications and civil registries.

Enterprise ABIS Use Case Biometric Database

Enterprise ABIS

With a central biometric database of your clients, perform identity checks, prevent fraud and blocklist fraudsters.

Law Enforcement ABIS Use Case

Law Enforcement ABIS

Resolve criminal cases, identify suspects, and secure borders using advanced technology and user-friendly interface.

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The Innovatrics Automated Biometric Identification System

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