180 Million Record ABIS with Quick Response for Police Field Operations

  • Indonesia
  • Border Control & Law Enforcement
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  • 140 servers
  • Multiple legacy biometric systems
  • Days or weeks for identification
  • Fingerprint


  • 60 servers
  • Centralized large-scale criminal ABIS
  • Field stations can identify a match in 5 seconds
  • Fingerprint, face & iris recognition


Indonesian police needed a biometric system for storing biometric data of its citizens to aid in criminal investigations.
They wanted to collect faces, fingerprints and irises, and import data from older systems for easy searching and identification in the field. It is among the largest in the world.

  • 180 million records

    Each may include face, iris and ten fingerprints

  • Quick search

    of millions of records for a match, often from field stations in a country of 17,000 islands with unreliable or slow connectivity

  • Multiple legacy vendors' systems

    with multiple technology platforms

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Innovatrics has built a single, large scale criminal Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) that can process high volumes of fingerprints, irises and faces for identification purposes.

Innovatrics has also provided Inafis with a number of custom features, such as latent print manager and editor for criminal case management or finger segmentation solution to process older palm prints into separate fingerprints for easier search.

  • 3000 field stations

    with access to central biometric database

  • Criminal/Civil ABIS

    with high availability, fingerprint, face, iris, plam print matching and latent print search

  • Biometric audit and custom workflows

  • Large-scale template generation

    180 million records from multiple legacy databases

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INAFIS has already used Innovatrics ABIS in many situations including searching for terrorists and identifying victims of natural disasters. Increasing the security of the country, the system is being constantly updated with new features to curb criminality and prevent violence.

Indonesia has shown that biometric systems can be efficiently used even with challenging connectivity and a large population.

  • 5 seconds

    on average to search the whole database of over a billion separate record items

  • Victim identification takes days

    instead of weeks or months

  • Curbing terrorism

    due to quick response time

The power of
efficient biometric algorithm

Security as a Priority

The system is designed with security in mind. Each operation requires authentication and is recorded for future audit.

Low Bandwidth Scenario

Field stations need to work even with low connectivity due to the country being split into thousands of islands. Low data requirements of ABIS mean that the search works even with irregular connectivity.

Multi-modal System

ABIS offers a multitude of ways how to identify a person. Even if one modality is unavailable, there are still others to rely on. The combination of face, fingerprints and iris can provide higher accuracy in identifying a person among 180 million records.

“We are happy to recommend Innovatrics to customers or partners who require an AFIS/ABIS for their projects particularly in the field of identification. “
Police Senior Superintendent
Drs. Agus Irianto, S.H., M.H., M.Si, Ph.D
Indonesian National Police
Indonesia police ABIS case study

CASE STUDY 180 Million Record ABIS with Quick Response for Police Field Operations

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