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Biometrics for National Identity Management Systems

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Biometrics ABIS Civil Identification

Our biometric solution for national identity registers leverages the world’s top-rated biometric algorithms to identify and verify the identity of individuals with no chance for manipulation.

Protect National Identity, Prevent Fraud

Since traditional identification methods can easily be faked, Innovatrics biometrics technology offers a foolproof civil identification system using an individual’s own fingerprints, face and iris.

Innovatrics ABIS for National Identity Registers

Our ABIS guarantees fail-safe protection for several documents such as ePassports, national ID cards, drivers licenses, seafarers cards, health insurance cards, and the like. Even in the absence of IDs, we can identify individuals by using fingerprints and faces.

Innovatrics Automated Biometric Identification System Documents

Easily Enroll New Users into National Identity Register

With the deployment and integration of ABIS, you can easily add new enrollees into your own system and obtain access to the database for reliable identification and verification.

Intuitive Multimodal Enrollment 

From data enrollment to authentication to card production, our multimodal enrollment software enables you to deploy a highly-customized and end-to-end solution through a single software package.

  • Comprehensive enrollment process including fingerprint and photo capture 
  • Local and browser-based remote enrollment
  • Hardware and platform independence
  • Configurable and multimodal system
Intuitive Multimodal Enrollment Software

Empower Citizens with Remote Access to Government Services

Innovatrics Trusted Enrollment module enables online access to government services through secure biometric identity verification on consumer devices. Services such as document (re-)issuance, visa application and proof of life (i.e., social security, pension, health care) can be now accessed from the comfort of one’s home with a simple selfie.

Remote Enrollment Fraud Protection for Secure National Identity Registers

By adding a trust-based server component, Trust Enrollment Module becomes even more intelligent and secure, capable of comprehensive data analysis to prevent identity theft and fraud.

Innovatrics smartphone identity verification

More Efficient National Identity Registers

Since our biometric civil identification system is extremely hard to fool, only eligible people can gain access to benefits and services you provide. 

Top Performing Biometric Algorithms

Our technologies can help you optimize your processes and prevent fraud in areas such as taxation, healthcare, social subsidies, and others.

  • Our algorithms offer you a foolproof method to authenticate a person. 
  • Our R&D is consistently developing faster and more accurate algorithms benchmarked by NIST.
  • You can use multiple types of biometric data for identification, including iris scans, fingerprints for all 10 fingers, and multiple facial images.
Top Performing Biometric Algorithms for Public Services

Enjoy On-site Deployment Assistance

We go the extra mile to deliver Civil Identification solutions tailored to your specific needs. On top of our top-notch technology, our customers enjoy the most extensive customer service on the market.

Training & On-Site Operations

From the basics of biometrics to best practices suited for various programs, we have the know-how necessary to fulfill all your requirements.

  • Comprehensive training on ABIS integration, operation, API, maintenance, functionality, etc.
  • On-site integration & data migration assistance including up to 3 months of remote collaboration
  • Supervision of critical infrastructure on-site led by our engineers

Training & On-Site Operations for Civil Identification
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