DOT - Digital Onboarding Toolkit

DOT is an automated customer authentication and digital onboarding solution aimed at banks, financial institutions, and any organization wishing to simplify the onboarding of customers.

Using our self-assisted, fully digital onboarding tool, customers can open a bank account, apply for a loan, or place an order without having to visit your premises. DOT is a ready-to-deploy technology which integrates optical character recognition (OCR) and industry-leading facial biometrics into your mobile application.

Built using artificial intelligence, DOT works in three easy steps:

1: Take a picture of your ID document
2: Confirm your data
3: Verify your identity by taking a selfie

3 easy steps to account opening


1. Take a picture of your ID

AI-powered OCR technology works accurately
and reliably, even with low-quality images.
It enhances the captured photo, normalizes the ID,
detects the ID image for Know Your Customer (KYC)
compliance and automatically pre-fills the extracted
personal data into the predefined fields.


2. Confirm your extracted data

Once the data is pre-filled, the user is prompted
to check the correctness of the extracted data
and is notified if there is a low confidence level
in some fields.

3. Take a selfie

The user takes the selfie and goes through
the liveness verification check to verify their
identity using facial recognition technology.
DOT performs the identity check, matching
the selfie picture to the picture captured from
the ID. If the verification is successful, the user
is allowed to proceed to account opening.


Welcome to your account

Once the account is opened, users can choose facial authentication to access the account via their mobile phone. Selfie login and continuous identity verification protect mobile banking users from fraud and account misuse.

Spoof proof technology

Innovatrics’ innovative facial biometrics technology takes care of your customer’s data privacy and safety while they are using your mobile application. Once the user is logged in to their account, the system continuously verifies the account owner´s identity using the frontal camera of the mobile phone. If the user is not looking at the screen or somebody else is peeking over their shoulder, the content of the screen blurs to protect sensitive information.

Developed with security and user experience in mind, Innovatrics’ unique approach to liveness detection is a highly reliable method of proving the liveness of a face in an image.

In order to prove liveness, the user is prompted to follow a randomly moving dot on their screen. Using the device’s frontal camera, our technology scans the user’s eye movement, face features, and light conditions. The whole process is fast, accurate and user-friendly. Above all, it protects you and your customers against spoofing and account misuse.

Benchmarked by NIST as one of the top 3 facial algorithms

Innovatrics face recognition technology has emerged as a top performer in the most recent NIST FRVT evaluations. This result further confirms the stunning accuracy of Innovatrics technology and its suitability for facial authentication use casesRead more

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