Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT) is a ready-to-integrate remote onboarding platform. Consisting of mobile and server components, DOT can authenticate and extract data from identity documents, verify identity using facial biometrics, and detect liveness of an individual.

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Seamless User Experience

Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit is recognized for its ease of use thanks to a combination of user-centric application design and robust technology, helping to onboard over 1 million clients a year.

Digital Onboarding Toolkit Take a Picture Step

1. Take a picture of your ID

Our highly accurate OCR technology:
  • Automatically captures and normalizes the photo on the ID.
  • Extracts data from the ID into predefined fields.

2. Take a selfie

Within a single frame:
  • Our facial recognition automatically verifies the identity of a user against a photo from the ID.
  • Liveness detection checks if the person is real and alive.
Digital Onboarding Toolkit Successful Onboarding Step

You’re successfully onboarded in less than 1 minute!

Industry-Leading Facial Biometrics

Our biometric algorithms are consistently ranked among the best based on NIST results and have been implemented in some of the biggest biometric projects in the world.


Innovatrics: Top Performer in Every NIST FRVT Category

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Digital Onboarding Toolkit - Illustration- Industry-Leading Facial Biometrics

Easy Deployment

Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit shortens the time to market. It is ready to use and well-documented, which makes it easy to integrate complex biometrics and AI-based technology into your solution. We are ready to support you with integration, or you can choose from a broad network of our trusted partners.

Digital Onboarding Toolkit - Illustration - Easy Deployment & Flexible Licensing

Use Cases

DOT- Banking & Consumer Finance Use Case

Banking & Consumer Finance

Verify and register customers remotely via mobile app or web using Digital Onboarding Toolkit. Our facial recognition technology makes it a reliable biometric registration system for the banking and financial sector.

DOT - Shared Economy Use Case

Shared Economy

Attract new and retain existing service providers through fast, safe, paperless onboarding and authentication.

DOT - Telco Use Case


Onboard new customers remotely while complying with regulatory demands for reliable identification.

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DATASHEETDigital Onboarding Toolkit

Online Identity Verification for Seamless Customer Onboarding

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