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Onboard Customers Remotely

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Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT)

Go Digital
Onboard Customers Remotely

Digital Onboarding Toolkit automates, simplifies and speeds up customer onboarding, improves customer experience, and supports the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

DOT is a ready-to-integrate toolkit consisting of mobile and server components that help organizations integrate identity documents optical character recognition (OCR) and industry-leading facial biometrics into their applications.

4 easy steps to account opening


1. Take a picture of
your ID document

AI-powered OCR technology works accurately and reliably, even with low-quality images. It enhances the captured photo, normalizes the ID, detects the ID image for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and automatically pre-fills the
extracted personal data into the predefined fields


2. Confirm your
extracted data

Once the data is pre-filled, the user is prompted to check the correctness of the extracted data and is notified if there is a low confidence level in some fields.


3. Take
a selfie

The user takes a selfie and goes through the liveness verification check to verify their identity using facial recognition technology. DOT performs the identity check, matching the selfie to the picture captured from the ID. If the
verification is successful, the user is allowed to proceed to account opening.


4. Perform liveness

Elevating security and user experience, we provide two liveness check options:
Passive Liveness Check – Built upon deep neural networks, it can distinguish a real face from an image even without user interaction.
Active Liveness Check – Prompting a user to follow a randomly moving dot on screen, the algorithm monitors pupil movement to check if it has been done correctly.

Welcome to your account

Once the account is opened, users can choose facial authentication to access the account via their mobile phone. Selfie login and continuous identity verification protect mobile banking users from fraud and account misuse.

Trust Score

Reliable and trustworthy onboarding

DOT features AI-based identity verification using data collected during onboarding. Trust Score is fully configurable, allowing you to customize or fully automate the identity verification process.

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Use Cases


Customer Onboarding

DOT fully automates and streamlines customer onboarding. Customers can create an account within minutes minus the paperwork or need to travel to a brick and mortar branch. Read more.

Consumer Finance

Fraud Prevention

Customers can upload their IDs and confirm their identity by taking a selfie, allowing them to access services efficiently and safely. Going through several security layers to verify their identity, fraud is deterred before it even happens. Read more.

Shared Economy

Provider Registration

By implementing DOT, you can improve the provider registration and authentication. Making this process easier and simpler adds value to your partners. To stay ahead, our digital onboarding platform offers the efficiency and comfort you need to adapt to the changing landscape. Read more.


SIM Card Owner Registration

Integrating AI-based OCR and facial recognition technology, DOT can quickly and securely register SIM card owners. With a simple check, the system can verify a user’s authenticity in seconds. Read more.

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