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Finance Customer onboarding
Finance Customer onboarding
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System integrators Customer onboarding
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When onboarding new customers or users remotely, biometric face verification plays a crucial role in verifying their identity and establishing document ownership. 

Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit uses industry-leading facial biometrics that verifies if the holder of the identity document is present during the onboarding process.  

Selfie Auto-Capture

In order to ensure a high-quality selfie suitable for biometric identity verification and to provide a seamless user experience during the onboarding process, our face auto-capture component takes a selfie without a user having to manually trigger the capture action. 

  • Improve user experience with real-time feedback provided to the user in order to capture a high-quality selfie 
  • Maximize completion rates with the world’s smallest selfie auto-capture SDK regardless of users using a web app or mobile app
  • Obtain a high-quality biometric sample thanks to the pre-configured parameters aligned with ICAO Portrait Quality Guidelines working in the background of face auto-capture
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passive liveness detection

Biometric Face Verification

Once the user’s selfie is captured, it is converted to a biometric template. Our top-performing face algorithm then compares a holder’s photo on the ID with a selfie to biometrically verify that the ID belongs to the same person.

  • Prevent fraudsters from trying to register with another person’s ID or picture
  • Strengthen the reliability and security of your online onboarding with accurate biometric verification
  • Benefit from our algorithms consistently topping the US-based National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT)
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Selfie Login

After a user is successfully onboarded, our facial recognition technology can grant secure access to the user’s account upon each login. Biometric face verification can verify the user’s selfie against a photo of the authorized person to unlock an app’s functionality or authorize transactions.

  • Enhance user experience with fast and secure access to your apps and services
  • Secure user accounts and authorize transactions with biometric authentication
  • Prevent fraudulent login attempts with a passive liveness detection running in the background of the face capture process
  • Leverage on-device face matching for face authentication use cases using solely the mobile components 
biometric face authentication

Passive Liveness Detection

Our passive liveness check can distinguish a real face from a single image even without user interaction with top-performing accuracy. 

Checking the liveness of a person in the background of the face capture, the onboarding process requires no extra effort from the users and is more difficult to spoof.

  • Improve user experience by checking liveness faster with no further actions required
  • Prevent spoofing attacks by recognizing pictures of a photo or a screen and/or 2D and 3D masks from the real face
  • Increase completion rates with seamless passive liveness detection
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Face Verification Passive Liveness Check

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