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When onboarding new customers or users remotely, face matching helps to verify their identity and document ownership.

Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit uses facial recognition technology, ranked among the top players in the NIST Facial Recognition Vendor Test

With our fast and accurate facial biometrics, you can reliably verify the identity of your customer.

Selfie Auto-Capture

With pre-configured quality parameters working in the background, we make sure the selfie is suitable for biometric identity verification.

Our user-friendly interface helps the user capture a high-quality selfie for a seamless login or onboarding experience.

  • Improve user experience by capturing a selfie automatically as soon as the predefined quality requirements are met.
  • Obtain a high-quality biometric sample thanks to the parameters aligned with ICAO Portrait Quality Guidelines.
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Selfie Auto Capture and face verification

Face Matching

Once the selfie is captured, it is converted to a biometric template. It is then compared to the template from the ID photo to verify the identity of an applicant.

Our facial recognition algorithm compares the photo from the ID with the selfie of the user to prevent fraud.

  • Prevent fraudsters from trying to register with another person’s ID or picture. 
  • Strengthen the reliability and security of your online onboarding with our biometric verification.
  • Benefit from our algorithms consistently topping the US-based National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT).
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face verification successful

Selfie Login

After a user is successfully onboarded, our facial recognition technology can grant secure access to the user’s account upon each login. 

A user simply logs in to their account with a selfie. Our system swiftly compares the selfie with a biometric template of the user to verify their identity.

  • Enhance user experience with fast and simple login. 
  • Secure user accounts with biometric authentication.
Face Verification Mobile

Passive Liveness Detection

Our Passive Liveness Check can distinguish a real face from a single image even without user interaction. It can run fully on-device, making the check instantaneous.

Checking the liveness of a person in the background of the app, the onboarding process requires no effort from the users.

  • Improve user experience by checking liveness faster, with no further actions required.
  • Prevent spoofing attacks by recognizing a picture from the real face. 
  • Use Passive Liveness when logging-in for seamless day-to-day face authentication.
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Face Verification Passive Liveness Check

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