eKYC – Online Customer Onboarding and Identity Verification

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Complete remote identity verification and management tailored for banks and telecommunications companies for online client acquisition.

Thanks to Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit, customers are now able to open an account online in 3 minutes and can have the loan approved and available on their account in 8 minutes after registration.

Dusan Slimak / Head of Retail Loans Implementation, Tatra banka (Raiffeisen Group)

Onboard New Customer Online, in Just 3 Mins

With frictionless digital onboarding in place, any customer can quickly open an account online.

Digital Onboarding and Identity Verification

Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit offers AI-powered identity verification using 5-factor biometric fraud prevention. With frictionless user experience, majority of your customers can be onboarded online while significantly reducing onboarding drop-off.

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Fulfill KYC Requirements

Our advanced facial biometrics and artificial intelligence will help you verify your customer’s identity.

Trust Server

With the collected data analysis in place during the onboarding process, you can customize or fully automate the identity verification process according to your business and regulatory needs.

  • Optimize identity verification process
  • Fulfill KYC requirements for identity verification
  • Customize decision logic according to your identity verification process
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Minimize the Risk of Identity Fraud

Storing data of newly onboarded users in a secure biometric database gives your clients future access to your services efficiently and safely, whenever and wherever they are.

Biometric Identity Management System

Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit comes with a database where you can store and manage the biometric data collected during the onboarding process. Having a biometric identity management system in place, you’re guaranteed not to onboard or provide loans to known fraudsters and unreliable customers.

  • Give customers a hassle-free experience every time they access your services
  • Ensure ongoing authentication of existing clients
  • Blacklist fraudsters and prevent account misuse

Deploy the Solution in a Matter of Days

Our ready-to-use toolkit doesn’t require you to learn biometrics and shortens the time-to-market of your solution.

Integration Support

Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit is a ready-to-integrate toolkit, consisting of mobile and server components, that connects your apps and services to industry-leading facial biometrics and ID verification.

  • Instant access to all installation packages, public APIs, documentation and training materials
  • Development and production environment configuration support
  • Remote technical support during and after the integration
  • Instant access to all new features released

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Tatra Banka

Onboard new customer in 3 mins with Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit

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Digital Onboarding Toolkit enables online broker to reach new markets…

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