Nx Witness Users Can Now Enjoy SmartFace Capabilities From Within Their VMS

Innovatrics has recently completed the first stage of SmartFace integration with NetworkOptix Witness.  With integration in place, the video management system (VMS) is able to recognize faces in video streams in real-time. “The users of NetworkOptix Witness system can now enjoy the capabilities of SmartFace from within the environment they are used to. Furthermore, their... Read more


Innovatrics ID OCR Supports Cyrillic Alphabet

With 4 quality images, the system can learn a new ID document in only a few days. To kick off the onboarding process as comfortable and frictionless as possible for the users, the system performs optical character recognition (OCR) by scanning a document without the need for a special setup. With the newest product version... Read more


How to Elevate Your AFIS Platform with Contactless Biometric Modality

With clients and partners operating in every corner of the globe, our different teams have been hard at work helping and assisting them to efficiently cope with these unpredictable times. Innovatrics doesn’t only provide the most reliable AFIS in the world, we also have one of the most advanced face recognition solutions around. The Innovatrics... Read more


Daltrey Partners with Innovatrics to Create the World’s First Biometrics-as-a-Service Solution

Australian identity access management start-up, Daltrey, has partnered with Innovatrics to create a world-first biometrics-as-a-service solution that provides passive liveness detection enabling frictionless authentication across all access scenarios. As data breaches and identity fraud continue at frightening levels and with criminal use of deepfakes on the rise, Daltrey’s unified biometric credential now includes AI-based anti-spoofing... Read more


Innovatrics Makes Remote Installations Possible Even in High-Security or Offline Environments

The coronavirus outbreak can also serve as a catalyst for innovation. The global travel bans have pushed Innovatrics to make improvements in the way we deliver complicated software installations and technical support. Long before the imposition of travel restrictions, Innovatrics has been working on designing the “Innovatrics virtual engineer”. With the combined efforts of the... Read more


Passive Liveness Check Strengthens Innovatrics Digital Onboarding

Innovatrics’ Passive Liveness Check only needs one selfie to reduce enrollment time and decrease abandonment rate during digital onboarding. It is among a handful of solutions in the world that can work on a standard smartphone without requiring user interaction. “Our main aim was to improve the user experience of liveness checks, which require the... Read more


Innovatrics Face Recognition Accuracy Soars Threefold with Watchlist Autolearn

Designed to enhance the accuracy of SmartFace, the new Watchlist Autolearn feature boosts the capabilities of access control applications that periodically monitor people in watchlists, usually performed on a daily basis. Positive identification on our face recognition platform has seen a threefold increase in accuracy following the addition of this revolutionary feature. Watchlist Autolearn enables... Read more


Latest NIST FRVT Results: Innovatrics Face Recognition Algorithm Among Global Top 10

According to the latest NIST FRVT benchmarks, Innovatrics has once again proved its indisputable place among the biometric elite, securing a spot on the leaderboard among 150 competitors and 200 algorithms worldwide. Its algorithm for face identification in large datasets is not only the fastest in the world, but also among the ten most accurate.... Read more


Innovatrics Shares Know-how for the Implementation and Use of Biometrically Enabled Mobile Identity Credentials

Initiated by the International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA), Innovatrics joins other leading biometrics technology providers to establish the principles of biometrically enabled mobile identity credentials. Sharing his expertise, Bill Dumont, Innovatrics Director of Sales – The Americas, contributed to the publication of a white paper which supports the transition from physical cards to secure... Read more


Guinea Elections: Innovatrics Optimizes Biometric Registry in Record Time

Innovatrics has deployed a biometric electoral register for the Guinea parliamentary elections in record time, ensuring every eligible citizen of Guinea is accorded one vote. The entire project was completed in just six months after winning the tender. The Innovatrics team was involved at every stage – from necessary hardware delivery and enrollment officer training... Read more


How COVID-19 Is Shaping the Biometrics Industry

At the onset of the coronavirus crisis, Innovatrics was still able to successfully stage BioCon Washington while putting everyone’s safety to the forefront. Perhaps one of the last biometric conferences held, attendees learned a lot from the real-world experiences of our distinguished speakers and partners who also shared their views on the challenges the industry... Read more


Trust Score Enhances Security for Spoof-Proof Digital Onboarding

Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit Trust Score leverages a robustly designed server that can further analyze data collected during onboarding and evaluate the reliability of the process based on these figures. Following the successful market reception of Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT), Innovatrics has developed Trust Score to make digital onboarding more reliable and trustworthy while maintaining... Read more