Peru Adopts Biometric ePassports to Combat Identity Fraud, Speed Up Border Crossing

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The Republic of Peru is a country in western South America with more than 32 million inhabitants. With the government initiative to modernize its passport issuance system, Peru started to roll out ePassports in early 2016.  


New ePassports represent highly secure electronic documents. The implemented solution should help combat identity fraud and greatly speed up border crossings for Peruvian citizens.

Our Solution

Innovatrics role in the project was to ensure the uniqueness of each of the more than 13 Million ePassports. Using Innovatrics AFIS, the biometric data of every passport holder was verified against the entire database of more than 100 Million fingerprints. 


Through our robust algorithms for identity identification and verification, the new system could prevent the incidence of fraud linked to passport issuance. Our team played a key role in the process of AFIS installation, on-site delivery and customer acceptance and provided support for seamless integration with the passport issuance platform.

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