Unveiling the Future: Innovatrics ABIS 9

Innovatrics ABIS 9, the next generation of Innovatrics ABIS, is powered by the world’s best fingerprint, iris, and face recognition algorithms.

In this webinar, we walk you through our latest innovations in a completely reworked user interface.

What you’ll learn about Innovatrics ABIS 9:

  • How Innovatrics ABIS 9 leverages industry-leading algorithms, firmly grounded on NIST benchmarks, ensuring exceptional accuracy and efficiency in fingerprint, iris, and face recognition
  • How our brand-new algorithms for fingerprint matching can provide accurate identification
  • How Innovatrics ABIS is tailored for various use cases, including law enforcement scenarios
  • How the reworked user interface and streamlined enrollment processes enhance user experience

Discover how biometric identification is being approached across sectors with Innovatrics ABIS 9.

Innovatrics ABIS 9 webinar