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Outdated AFIS and EU – Ecuador Deal


To meet identity verification standards, the government of Ecuador initiated a project to modernize its identification system with the replacement of its legacy AFIS, which did not meet preconditions with new ABIS for Biometric Passport Issuance.


The new biometric passport included a chip for biometric fingerprint and facial recognition scanning. The biometric data needed to be in line with the regulations and requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which was part of the European Union’s conditions for Ecuador to gain free access to the Schengen zone.


Facial Recognition and ICAO Compliance 


Forming a tried-and-tested consortium with GSI Setracen and Veridos Mexico, the project took off despite the global pandemic which has paralyzed international travel, rendering meetings, consultations and installations to be carried out remotely. 


Innovatrics Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) was deployed, which allowed the seamless migration of 13.7 million records from the legacy databases into an easily accessible and centralized one.


On top of large scale fingerprint identification, Facial Identification Module was integrated into the new solution that supports the accurate identification of individuals using the portrait on the biometric passport or ID. 


Together with Innovatrics ABIS, software tools for enrollment were delivered to facilitate fingerprint and facial photo capture. They help with image compliance evaluation, fully corresponding to the requirements set by ISO standards and ICAO specifications, as well as to correctly capture fingerprints including fingerprint segmentation and quality assessment in accordance to international standards (NFIQ). 


The entire solution was delivered and deployed remotely.

The electronic passport now supports biometric fingerprint and facial recognition scanning in line with ICAO requirements.




Ecuador’s First Biometric Passport 


Ecuador launched its new biometric passports in September 2020 with a ceremony marking the occasion led by President Lenín Moreno at the registry offices of the state identification authority in north Quito.


With the realization of the project, the government has been successful in advancing Ecuador’s goal to digitize its passport and ID system that benefits its citizens. The government can now issue electronic passports that include biometric data on a chip embedded in the document containing personal information.


It consists of basic data such as name, date of birth, country of origin, security data and a color photograph, among other details that will facilitate quick and secure access at various border points around the world.


In addition to having a highly secure travel document, the new biometric passports and electronic IDs will allow Ecuadorian citizens to perform electronic signature operations and access public social welfare services in the near future. 


The issuance of the new e-passport guarantees the safety of each citizen, not only by validating their identity by means of fingerprints, photo and signature, but also by complying with international standards and technical recommendations from specialized organizations.


Fingerprint and face security check

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