Biometric Identity System Can Track and Identify Patients Even When Unconscious

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Al-Khafji Joint Operation (KJO), a joint venture between Aramco Gulf Operation Company (AGOC) & Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC) in the Oil & Gas industry, has a hospital facility serving over 25,000 employees and families. Manual registration of patients was becoming more and more difficult to observe. 


The hospital, which serves a large number of patients, needed a better way to manage patient registrations. The tracking and identification of patients, especially those that were unconscious, was similarly getting problematic.

Our Solution

Responding to the issues of the health care facility, Innovatrics and KJO, together with its partner Lantern Software and Systems, implemented a biometrics identification system across its entire patient population to ensure proper registration, tracking, and identification.

  • Lantern Software and Systems
Fingerprint and face security check

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