Event28 - 31 March 2023

Innovatrics at Smart City Summit & Expo 2023

What to expect?

We are looking forward to being a part of Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei, the Asia’s largest hybrid smart city tradeshow featuring IoT solutions.

Our team is more than happy to discuss how our facial recognition solutions can help you enhance security and demonstrate them for you. See us at Lilin, our partner’s booth Q110!

Face Recognition
for Preemptive Public Security

The new cascaded architecture of SmartFace based on edge video processing can support real-time video analysis and facial identification from an unlimited number of cameras and other video sources.
In combination with already existing features such as multiple watchlist support and smart notifications, SmartFace enables the automated real-time monitoring of airports, football stadiums, and other venues with a high public turnout.

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smartface for preemptive public security

Facial Biometrics for OEM
and Edge Devices

SmartFace Embedded is Innovatrics’ proprietary face recognition engine customized to be easily ported on any hardware.

SmartFace Embedded can efficiently run time-critical operations such as face detection, facial landmarks, and face template extraction through on-edge or on-chip processing. The footprint is kept intentionally low to utilize the widest variety of hardware platforms.

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OEM Solutions Product Illustration

Comprehensive Biometric Ecosystem

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