Innovatrics results in NIST PFT III benchmarks

Innovatrics ranks top in accuracy in NIST PFT III benchmarks

Update June 2022

Innovatrics has demonstrated the excellence of its fingerprint matching algorithm once again. NIST PFT III benchmarks have confirmed Innovatrics’ position as one of the leading companies in the biometric industry.

The NIST PFT III benchmarks evaluate the capabilities of proprietary templates. Innovatrics algorithm has achieved the second highest rank among the benchmarks.

According to Matus Kapusta, Director of ABIS Business Unit at Innovatrics, their fingerprint algorithms, including extraction and matching, consistently rank among the best in the world. Innovatrics is also one of the few companies that offer NIST-benchmarked facial and iris recognition algorithms in their ABIS.

Latest NIST Results Confirm Innovatrics Top Rank Among Fingerprint Algorithm Providers

Marian Beszedes, Head of Innovatrics R&D, adds that their newest fingerprint verification algorithm has been greatly improved by integrating deep neural networks into the process. The current fingerprint matcher is the best in the world as measured by NIST.

Latest NIST Results Confirm Innovatrics Top Rank Among Fingerprint Algorithm Providers


About NIST PFT III benchmarks

NIST PFT III benchmarks test the performance of proprietary fingerprint templates in one-to-one matching. These templates are tailored to each vendor’s system and are usually optimized for speed, accuracy, or both.

Update 2019

Innovatrics algorithm has achieved joint first place in accuracy in the Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation II (PFT II), a benchmark test conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to evaluate fingerprint matching software.

Innovatrics’ algorithm has achieved a true match rate of 99.98%, along with related equal error rates, which are the best results ever recorded in PFT evaluations. (TMR@FMR = 0.0001, POEBVA dataset, R/L index).

This unique combination of industry-leading accuracy and top-ranked speed makes Innovatrics’ algorithm the most suitable solution for practical implementation and use with large-scale databases in Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) solutions.

Top in Accuracy PFT results
Source: NIST PFT II Results as of 24 November 2016


The NIST PFT II is an ongoing program that evaluates the performance of fingerprint matching software using vendor proprietary fingerprint templates. The original PFT evaluation only reported the accuracy of the matching algorithm, while the newer PFT II evaluation reports matcher accuracy information, template extraction times, template size information, and matcher timings. PFT II uses both two-finger and ten-finger datasets to report results on slap-to-slap, slap-to-roll, and roll-to-roll matching. However, it is still a 1-to-1 verification evaluation and does not report 1-to-many matching results.

These evaluations aim to assess the core algorithmic capability of the technology to perform one-to-one verification, specifically the accuracy of end-stage matchers, which are the computationally expensive algorithms used in the final stages of one-to-many AFIS searches. Innovatrics algorithm has achieved outstanding results in NIST PFT benchmarks, which confirms its position as one of the leading biometric security solutions in the market today.

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