Innovatrics results in NIST MINEX III

NIST MINEX III is one of the most important tests in the biometric industry. As in 2016 and 2019, Innovatrics managed to come out on top in this test. Innovatrics fingerprint algorithm has proven itself in 2022 once again. Innovatrics leadership is also supported by results of another NIST evaluation. The MINEX test measures of biometric performance and interoperability of template encoding and matching capabilities to users, vendors, and interested parties.

Overall, Innovatrics became the first fingerprint technology company worldwide to successfully pass the NIST MINEX III continuing test.

What has Innovatrics achieved?

The matcher remained at 1st position in pooled category and is now number 1 also in native category. Innovatrics template generator is now the fastest in the world in native one finger category and among the top in accuracy in pooled results.

As published by NIST, Innovatrics become the first vendor to achieve full PIV compliance in MINEX III. The Innovatrics template generator is the most accurate out of all vendors in both the pooled 2 finger and native 1 finger rankings.


Jan, 2022

Innovatrics results in NIST MINEX III

May, 2019

Top template Matcher

December, 2016

Top template Matcher


The Minutiae Interoperability Exchange (MINEX) III benchmark is organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ranks among the most relevant tests in the industry. NIST is an internationally recognized institution whose benchmarks help define the requirements on biometric technology projects for governments, organizations and private companies.
As part of the ongoing INCITS 378 fingerprint template evaluation MINEX III compares the accuracy and interoperability of fingerprint template generators and matchers. It also establishes their compliance with US Government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program.

Why do vendors seek PIV compliance?

Compliance with the PIV program is often a mandatory requirement for worldwide public and private tenders that require fingerprint technology. US Government mandates the use of only fingerprint template generators and matchers which comply with the PIV program as it guarantees security and interoperability. NIST defines 2 levels of accuracy specifications within the PIV program and vendors only achieve full compliance if they satisfy all requirements for both Level 1 and Level 2 PIV compliance.

How is the testing done?

MINEX III will supersede the widely established Ongoing MINEX test putting into place a more technical set of criteria necessary to achieve full PIV compliance. Compared to previous tests, MINEX III is tested on a significantly larger dataset that generates 2 million single finger templates and performs around 3 million single-finger matching operations per submission.

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