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Creating a Secure and Standardized Electronic Identification System

San Luis Province in Argentina wanted to seize the opportunity to standardize civil identification methods and public agency processes which would enhance its own governmental infrastructure. This standardization would enable many government programs, from issuing driver’s licenses to public agency services, to ensure identity verification and streamline operations.

Much like other city and provincial governments, a growing population coupled with advancements in electronic systems highlighted an opportunity to create efficiencies within governmental processes but also ensure the civil identification of its citizens. From driver’s licenses to the use of government agencies, a secure electronic identification system can prevent fraud as well as increase the overall efficiency.

  • Enhance Security Using Biometrics

    to combat fraud

  • Incorporate Fingerprints on the Card

    to validate the card holder using biometric readers

  • Implement a Digital Signature on the Card

    to let card holders carry out authentication via their signature

Industry-Leading Biometric Solution to Improve Efficiency and Flexibility

San Luis Province selected Unitech’s solution, together with Innovatrics’ ExpressID AFIS Government edition, as the foundation for the new system.

The implementation of ExpressID AFIS as the solution for San Luis Province’s CIPE and CIPE-LC systems required Innovatrics to assist Unitech and the province’s IT resources in building core components, enabling system elements and developing additional modules.

  • End-to-End Solution

    The ExpressID AFIS solution includes all of the technologies needed to implement a secure identification system that San Luis Province needed.

  • Fraud Prevention

    ExpressID AFIS can ensure that citizens who register for biometric identification are not yet registered.

  • System Efficiency

    Innovatrics technologies boast some of the fastest biometric algorithms in the industry, ensuring that users are not kept waiting at identification terminals.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    ExpressID AFIS works seamlessly with other Innovatrics products, including IDKit PRO SDK that enables the development of additional modules such as client applications.

A Robust, Scalable and Secure Identification System

Innovatrics’ assistance and products led to a robust, scalable, and secure system that San Luis Province could deploy to handle the enrollment and identification of citizens to access government programs, including the issuance of driver’s licenses. The new system provides long-term efficiencies for citizens interacting with governmental agencies, as well as ensuring the true identity of those receiving government assistance.

    “Innovatrics provided exceptional service, complying with all of our agreed upon deadlines and providing very fast response times when working with our team. Additionally, Innovatrics showed a willingness to work with and meet our needs, providing not only the most competitive pricing but also a trial version prior to purchase. It goes without saying that we were already convinced by the industry-leading speed and reliability of the Innovatrics’ biometric verification algorithms. We are very excited by this system.”
    Mr. Anibal H. Carmona
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