Secure Electronic Identity Card & Drivers’ License Issuance for Better Public Service

Argentina | Government


With the opportunity to standardize identification methods and public agency processes, our client realized it could create a more efficient system within the province’s governmental infrastructure. This standardization would benefit many government programs — from driver’s license issuance to public agency services, securing identity and streamlining operations. 


In order to implement a secure technological identification system that supported the two identified needs—driver’s licenses and governmental programs — our client needed computer systems, software, and the corresponding training as part of the solution. 

Our Solution

The ExpressID AFIS solution includes all of the technologies needed to implement the type of secure identification system, ensuring that citizens who are registering for biometric identification are not already registered. 

We worked with our partners to implement a system that could grow with their population. We provided a client application for verification and enrollment stations that handles deduplication and authentication. 


Innovatrics, in cooperation with our partner, delivered a robust, scalable, and secure system that our client could utilize to handle the enrollment and identification of citizens for governmental program usage as well as driver’s licenses. This system will also provide long-term benefits to citizens interacting with governmental programs and agencies by authenticating their identity when receiving government assistance and aid.

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