AI-Powered Liveness Detection Prevents Identity Fraud

Facial liveness detection verifies if a user is physically present at the time of the remote identity verification process to prevent identity fraud. 

Innovatrics liveness detection can be fine-tuned to meet the requirements of a specific use case – be it reinforced security, seamless user experience, or a chosen type of deployment. 

Verified by iBeta, our technology is compliant with ISO 30107-3 Level 2 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing.

Proven Track Record of Trusted Remote Identity Verification Projects

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Finance Customer onboarding
Finance Customer onboarding
Telco SIM registration
System integrators Customer onboarding
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System integrators Digital security
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System integrators Customer onboarding
System integrators Customer onboarding
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How Liveness Detection Works

The purpose of liveness detection technology is to eliminate presentation attacks that fraudsters use to spoof remote identity verification processes. The detection algorithm uses a neural network we trained in-house by seeing millions of genuine and spoof images to identify fraud, just like how a human brain learns.

The algorithms are paired with our auto-capture components that guide a user to take the best possible photo for evaluation. As a result, our liveness detection can accurately detect various types of presentation attack vectors in order to distinguish a real face from a spoof, such as: Read more

  • screen attacks
  • print attacks
  • 2D or 3D mask attacks

Leveraging in-house R&D, we incrementally improve and update our algorithms to keep them capable of detecting regularly evolving spoof attacks. Moreover, we have established thorough liveness testing carried out at our R&D center to make sure you continuously use the best-performing and unbiased liveness detection technology to fight fraudulent attempts.

presentation attack detection

Build Trust with Your Clients

identity fraud

Integrating liveness detection helps your clients detect presentation attacks and prevents them from reputational damage or financial penalties.

abandonment rates

Eliminating friction for users, our liveness detection works with industry-leading speed and accuracy, resulting in higher completion rates of new customer onboardings.

Boost multi-channel
customer experience

Our liveness detection offering enables the creation of digital channels secure enough to provide services anytime and anywhere, no matter the use case.

Integrate Liveness Detection Easily

Being a foundation stone of any remote identity verification solution, we have developed liveness detection technology to support any type of deployment and accommodate the specific needs of any use case. 

Our liveness detection, together with other components of Digital Onboarding Toolkit, can be operated on-prem or in cloud. With their availability in the cloud, you can integrate industry-proven technology into your applications with faster time to market minus the associated server infrastructure costs. Read more

Mobile & Web SDKs

On the client side, you can use mobile SDKs and web components for capturing selfie with a well-designed UI. 

To make integration as easy as possible, we’ve launched Developer Portal. This resource center gives you a step-by-step overview of how to quickly and efficiently integrate remote identity verification capabilities into your solutions. You can also try our integration sample source codes to boost your development.

See documentation

Rely on Best-Performing Technology 

Setting up a remote identity verification solution is always a matter of finding the balance between security and user experience. When developing liveness detection, we always have user experience in mind. Our aim is to remove as much friction for the user as possible while maintaining the top performance of our technology.  

  • Well-Balanced User Experience and Security

    To achieve a seamless user experience in real-world conditions, our liveness detection algorithms are paired with client auto-capture components. They guide the user to take the best possible photo for evaluation. Through this guidance, the user experience remains very smooth even with active liveness where multiple images have to be evaluated.

  • Optimized for Speed

    Running in the background of the face capture process, our passive liveness detection only needs one frame to tell if the person is real and alive.

    The selfie capture takes up to 4 seconds for the user, with the result done in under a second.

  • Verified for Accuracy

    Able to run also on a user’s device, our passive liveness detection has attained 100% accuracy in iBeta Level 2 testing.

    For further details on FAR and FRR, visit our developer portal.

  • Tuned to Minimize Drop-Off Rates

    Being fast and seamless for users, our passive liveness detection results in 99,9% completion rates of the identity verification process.

  • Prepared for Real-World Conditions

    Utilizing the power of neural networks compressed into a lightweight mobile component, our liveness detection can run on any smartphone. It can be used even in markets with poor or limited bandwidth capacity.

Innovatrics liveness detection

Fit Your Specific Use Case

With a proven track record of biometric projects delivered globally to various government and enterprise customers, Innovatrics’ remote identity verification technologies support various use cases such as:

  • eKYC
  • Customer onboarding
  • Bank account opening
  • SIM card registration
  • Employee registration
  • Driver registration
  • eVISA issuance
  • Digital certificate issuance

We have fine-tuned our liveness detection offering to fit any use case. With different types in our portfolio, you can choose the best option possible for the specific requirements of your clients. Designed to balance security and user experience, you can opt for one of our liveness checks:

magnifeye liveness detection

MagnifEye Liveness

Developed especially for applications where the highest levels of security 

Read more
passive liveness detection

Passive Liveness Detection

For use cases where user experience needs to be maximized 

Read more
smile liveness detection

Smile Liveness Detection

For business cases that require user involvement during the liveness 

Read more

Prevent Deep Fakes with Video Injection Attack Detection

With the threat of deep fakes and synthetic identity fraud on the rise, it is necessary to make sure that the user is authenticating at the moment in real time.

By leveraging our advanced in-house algorithms, our Video Injection Attack Detection can detect the authenticity of the camera used during identity verification and guard against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Read more
video injection attack prevention

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