Biometric eKYC Service: Safe, Secure and Real-Time

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Biometric eKYC Service: Safe, Secure and Real-Time
Biometric eKYC Service: Safe, Secure and Real-Time


  • Manual liveness checks
  • Potential fraud loopholes


  • Fully automated passive liveness
  • Comprehensive identity proofing with no margin for error

Develop Flexible Customer Onboarding with Reliable eKYC Service

In Indonesia, around 40% of online registrations never get completed and end up abandoned by users due to long and tedious onboarding processes.  To change this, ASLI RI set about developing a faster, safer, and more convenient onboarding solution for organizations and their users, which would deliver higher conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction. 

ASLI RI’s aim was to provide a complete end-to-end digital onboarding solution that is fully customizable to the ever-changing needs of modern organizations. To achieve this, they turned to Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT) for industry-leading face biometrics and liveness detection capabilities. 

  • Develop a digital onboarding process

    with emphasis on user experience to increase conversion rates

  • Build a fully customizable KYC service

    that can accommodate various business needs

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Building a Safe, Secure and Real-Time eKYC Service

By integrating with Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT), ASLI RI was able to augment their digital onboarding solution with NIST top-ranked face verification and iBeta Level 2 accredited liveness detection.

With the security level offered by DOT, ASLI RI has been entrusted with integrations to several Indonesian government agencies’ databases, including National ID, National Police, and the National Narcotics Agency to provide truly secure identity proofing nationwide. In so doing, ASLI RI is able to provide safe, secure and real-time eKYC services to their clients.

  • Remote identity verification

    using facial biometrics and liveness detection

  • Secure identity proofing

    backed by integrations to several Indonesian government agencies’ databases

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Biometric KYC for Unrivaled Identity Proofing

ASLI RI is now the established digital identity market leader in Indonesia. Hundreds of banks, fintechs, insurance providers, and e-commerce platforms trust ASLI RI with ensuring they fulfill KYC requirements and offer their customers an unrivaled onboarding experience.

Innovatrics DOT is now used to perform face biometric verification and liveness checks on over 10 million ASLI RI users annually, with industry-leading accuracy and conversion rates.  With this tech stack, ASLI RI now offers unrivaled identity proofing to organizations across Indonesia, combining Innovatrics biometrics with government agencies’ database checks for secure customer onboarding.

  • No. 1

    trusted identity provider in Indonesia

  • 10 million

    users processed annually

The Power of Efficient Algorithms

Delivering Speed, Precision and Security

Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit is equipped with powerful features for error-free identity proofing, amping up the level of security for all types of civil and commercial use cases in real-time.

Customizable KYC Service for a Seamless User Journey

Our inhouse facial biometrics and liveness detection technologies allow our partners to build their bespoke biometric KYC protocols, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Biometric eKYC Service: Safe, Secure and Real-Time

CASE STUDY Biometric KYC as a Service: Safe, Secure and Real-Time

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