Case studies

How Passive Liveness Tech Can Prevent Identity Fraud

Brazil | CredDefense

CredDefense carries out biometric identification to confirm a customer’s identity on behalf of different service providers. Due to the pandemic, the demand for remote identity verification has significantly increased, and so has the incidence of identity fraud. As a result, CredDefense decided to enhance their existing digital onboarding system. The solution needed to provide more efficient online identity verification with a frictionless user journey.

In our case study, you will learn how Innovatrics passive liveness tech was integrated and contributed to enhanced security of remote identity verification process and seamless user experience.

Results Achieved With Passive Liveness Tech

Through Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit, CredDefense now offers secure remote onboarding solutions focused on combating fraud in the day-to-day activities of authorized customers.

  • 500K+ users verified monthly using passive liveness detection
  • Seamless user journey leading to lower abandonment rate
  • Improved security using iBeta Level 2 accredited passive liveness detection
How Passive Liveness Tech Can Prevent Identity Fraud