Secure Customer Onboarding for a Global Consumer Finance Provider

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Biometric Registration and Verification
Home Credit works with Innovatrics


  • 80% repayment rate
  • 5 weeks to onboard a customer
  • $20 onboarding costs
  • Physical visits to malls, offices
  • Geographical limitations
  • Unreliable ID verification


  • 98% repayment rate
  • 5 minutes to onboard a client
  • $0.05 onboarding costs
  • Remote digital onboarding
  • Anywhere with internet coverage
  • Biometric system with ID authentication, face recognition, and liveness detection


With an expanding global presence, Home Credit had to make sure that it continued providing simple, fast, and secure services to its growing customer base.

Its inclusive approach has been empowering underserved customers with little or no credit history to access financing and easily take loans both offline and online. To guarantee that these online transactions were not only easily accessible but secure, Home Credit needed to adopt a new solution that could onboard a high volume of customers remotely using a wide range of identity documents.

  • Create a remote onboarding solution

  • Automate risk management

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Innovatrics built a single, proprietary Biometric Identity Management System that can process high volumes of faces for identification and verification purposes.

The system is used to enroll new clients locally on the premises or remotely using a mobile app and web page. It also offers an efficient screening tool for credit scoring and identification of potential fraud.

  • 15 million

    customers annualy

  • 4 countries

  • Proprietary biometric database

    of clients involving fingerprint and face recognition in real-time

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Home Credit can now quickly and securely approve and grant loans to its clients at its branches or remotely through its app or website after they successfully pass the onboarding process.

It is now much faster and more convenient, requiring only a selfie and a valid ID. Also, the company’s agents are able to onboard clients by simply using any tablet, without the need for special hardware. Furthermore, they can easily create a blocklist of known fraudsters to prevent these people from accessing their services. Since the business model of Home Credit calls for using a wide network of loan resellers, such as mobile operators or small retail stores, the newly implemented system makes sure they adhere to a uniform identity verification process.

  • 100k customers

    onboarded daily across 4 countries

  • Highly improved completion rate

    of the onboarding process

The power of
efficient biometric algorithm

Security as a Priority

Our solution gave Home Credit a customized layer of ID verification, greatly enhancing the safety of its operations to prevent cases of fraud.

International Challenge

Since Home Credit operates globally, the system had to be trained to perform optical character recognition (OCR) involving multiple national IDs and other documents. Innovatrics OCR technology only required a short time to read up to 9 identity documents per country for efficient verification.

Flexible Solution

Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit was integrated into their native app, which utilizes advanced biometrics to onboard customers and check their credentials.

“Innovatrics industry-leading facial biometric and identity management technology is at the core of Home Credit’s remote onboarding applications in 5 key markets. More importantly, Innovatrics is a reliable, innovative, and trusted partner. “
Data Science Lead
Jan Krpalek
Home Credit Philippines
Home Credit-customer onboarding-case study

CASE STUDY Secure Customer Onboarding

for a Global Consumer Finance Provider

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