DIGITAL ONBOARDING TOOLKIT Biometric Identity Management System

Flexible Risk Management

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Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit features AI-based identity verification. During the onboarding process, our Trust Server collects all the biometric information, OCR data and available metadata for further analysis.

All of these allow granular control to help you improve the risk assessment of the onboarding process.

Identity Management System

Digital Onboarding Toolkit comes with a database where you can store and manage all the data collected during the onboarding process.

Having a biometric identity management system in place, you’re guaranteed to blocklist fraudsters and prevent account misuse.

  • Manage risk of your remote onboarding process and prevent fraud.
  • Ensure ongoing authentication of existing clients.
  • Give customers a hassle-free experience every time they access your services.
Digital Onboarding Toolkit

Trust Server

The Trust Server groups collected data into Trust Factors during the onboarding process.

Biometric data are reported in detail as Trust Factors for further analysis. More Trust Factors can be added if metadata are extracted from the smartphone and/or desktop. 

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Trust factors and Trust Server

Trust Score

The Trust Server reports Identity Trust Scores of each factor that show how reliable the data is. 

Each of the factors can have a confidence score of 0 to 100. You can control the threshold settings of the Trust Scores.

  • Accept or reject the onboarding process based on the threshold criteria or their combination.
  • Threshold default settings can be changed accordingly to meet risk management requirements.
  • Our experts can help you set the thresholds for optimum results. 
Identity Management- Matching Threshold

Identity Verification

Based on the results summary from Trust Server, the onboarding process is successfully completed or denied.

Because the thresholds of Trust Score are configurable, you can design the rules of your onboarding process based on the criteria or their combination.

  • Customize or fully automate your identity verification process.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to change the configuration to suit your business needs, even when the system is already deployed.
Identity Management System Trust Factor

Tech Box

The proprietary technology developed by industry leader

Server-side solution (on-prem on client’s side)