Secure Banking, Iraq


Innovatrics, in partnership with its Baghdad-based biometric payment specialists, International Smart Card (ISC), recently successfully delivered a multimodal banking AFIS to ISC for its “QiCard” product in Iraq.


QiCard is a biometric debit card issued on behalf of Rafidain Bank and Rashed Bank, the two largest government banks along with fourteen affiliated banks in Iraq. The solution is widely used for salary distribution and salary back loan distribution for over 6 million customers through a network of over 11,000 service points.  ISC started its efforts with the distribution of pension, social welfare aid, and employee salaries and is the oldest and largest payment provider in Iraq.

ISC replaced its existing AFIS provider and chose Innovatrics due to the speed, accuracy and flexibility of Innovatrics AFIS and our hands-on approach with customers and system integrators.


6 000 000
11 000
service points
10 000 000
user records database

Our solution

Innovatrics AFIS provides a number of key benefits to QiCard, including:

  • Centralization – the system maintained a centralized biometric database (CBD) of all the clients. A single biometric profile for every customer is maintained, irrespective of the number of accounts the customer may hold with QiCard or the individual banks.
  • Fraud Prevention – the system performs 1 to N matching during registration to ensure that there are no duplicates and customers can register with only one identity.
  • Consistency – the system consistently achieves higher accuracy and better matching speed.
  • Scalability – Innovatrics AFIS’s architecture is built upon an industry-standard, providing the framework for QiCard’s future business needs and overall system reliability.


Built upon open architecture, this new generation of AFIS can cater for up to 10 million subscribers and offers ISC freedom to choose the exact components needed to develop the perfect multimodal banking AFIS for QICard, with a flexibility for upgrades or changes in the future.

Innovatrics is a reliable partner with strong technical team and excellent customer care practices and their multimodal matching software offers exceptional performance for QICard software application.

Chandra Sekhar, Director of IT Services at ISC

Product used

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