Biometric ID System Allows Secure Access to e-Government Services in Cameroon

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As part of its commitment to tackling ID fraud and document counterfeiting, the government of Cameroon launched a new national identity card in 2016 aimed at overhauling the country’s system of identification.


A solution was required that supports ID card issuance which could enroll and manage the biometric (fingerprint) data of 20 million citizens (10 fingerprints per citizen).

Our Solution

Innovatrics deployed its Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and integrated it with our partner’s user management system. Installation, Factory Acceptance Tests, User Acceptance Tests and training were carried out on site with the client. This tailored solution comprised both Headquarters and Disaster Recovery sites and the AFIS cluster was realised ensuring High Availability of the underlying services.


A total of 20 million records were successfully enrolled, including 10.5 million legacy records which were imported into the AFIS prior to launch. Innovatrics achieved a registration throughput of 600 per minute and a deduplication throughput of 50 per minute. Electronic ID card holders in Cameroon can now access electronic services such as e-government without fear of identity theft and the government can reliably verify the identity of its service users.

citizens enrolled
per minute registration throughput
per minute deduplication throughput
Fingerprint and face security check

Innovatrics ABIS

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