ICAO-Compliant ePassport Solution Speeds Up Issuance, Improves Data Security

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The Southeast Asian nation of East Timor (Timor-Leste) wanted to adopt an ePassport system to allow its citizens to travel anywhere around the world securely and with enhanced privacy.


East Timor needed an ICAO-compliant ePassport solution to deliver a range of biometric identification capabilities, including easy enrollment & biometric data capture, de-duplication of outdated data, and disaster & data recovery.

The new system should easily be integrated into the client’s existing infrastructure.

Our Solution

Innovatrics AFIS solution was delivered to support the ePassport project. Deployment began in mid-February 2017, and the system went live at the end of April. In order to support quick and easy integration in the field, Innovatrics IDKit SDK was deployed alongside our AFIS solution.

Deployment was performed on-site by our partner, with remote support provided by Innovatrics’ consultants. In addition to integration support, user training and maintenance support will be provided over the lifetime of the solution.


This ePassport solution has resulted in a faster passport application and issuance process for East Timor citizens, as well as an improved border crossing experience. East Timor Minister of Justice Ivo Valente added, “We now have the capability to issue a more secure ICAO-compliant ePassport so that our citizens can avoid any inconvenience at the borders. East Timor citizens can now travel anywhere around the world, with unprecedented levels of security and privacy.”

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