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The government of Uganda decided to switch from a traditional, paper-based visa process to a fully integrated biometric e-Visa system. The e-Visa system became compulsory on 1st July 2017.

Our Solution

The system features an integrated control list, alert system, and centralized traveler database. The integrated control list draws data from local and international sources, while the alert system alerts authorities to potential persons of interest.

A key component of the eVisa system is Innovatrics AFIS, the fastest Automated Fingerprint Identification System in the world. The AFIS shares, searches, and matches electronic fingerprints, making them accessible to authorities all over the country.

Additionally, we delivered IDKit SDKs to facilitate registration and verification of visa applicants. IDKit is a Software Development Kit for high-speed 1:1 and 1:N matching, utilizing Innovatrics proprietary fingerprint templates.


In order to obtain an e-Visa, the traveler simply visits the Uganda e-Immigration System website and follows the relevant steps in order to submit their e-Visa application.

As well as single entry visas, the e-Immigration system manages the common East Africa Tourist Visa, covering Kenya and Rwanda. Multiple entry visas, business visas, special passes and work permit applications can also be completed using the online system.

Thanks to this state-of-the-art e-Visa system, obtaining a visa to enter Uganda has never been easier. Describing the system as “So simple”, Jacob Siminyu from the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control said he expects to see a reduction in the number of people having a negative perception of the Ugandan immigration system and an increase in tourism and business travelers.

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