Fully Digital Telco Onboards New Subscribers Remotely

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online customer onboarding in telco
Fully Digital Telco Onboards New Subscribers Remotely


  • Branch visit or call needed to activate new subscription to telco operator
  • Brick-and-mortar branches are a must for operations


  • Service activation via mobile app with remote identity verification
  • Only 4 months to build a fully digital operation from scratch

Challenge to Verify a Subscriber’s Identity Fully Remotely

To get a new SIM card, one usually has to visit a branch and submit their identity documents. Due to COVID restrictions, it was imperative for a new telco player such as Radosť to form a concrete strategy to verify a subscriber’s identity and allow access to its services fully remotely.

The identity verification process has to be secure but simple enough for new subscribers to complete. If not, it could discourage them and increase the abandonment rate.

  • Develop an easy-to-use onboarding app

    for new subscribers

  • Establish safeguards to reliably verify identity

    of a subscriber and protect personal data

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Solution for Fully Digital Telco Operator

Radosť implemented Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT), which verifies a subscriber’s identity remotely via the Radost’ app.

The app not only compares the selfie to the ID photo, but also assesses the liveness of the user and automatically extracts all the data from the ID. As the verification process is performed on-device, the user’s photo is not stored or sent elsewhere, ensuring the privacy of the subscriber. The entire subscription process takes no more than four minutes. At the end of onboarding,  everything is sorted out, including a payment method via credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

  • Two levels of user authentication

    to prevent identity fraud

  • Less than 4 minutes

    to complete subscription

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Results Achieved with Remote Customer Onboarding

As a fully digital operator, Radosť now offers a user-friendly service to would-be subscribers through a mobile app with reliable user authentication.

The whole Radosť experience was built from scratch in less than 4 months with our partner Softec acting as system integrator. The whole backend process runs in AWS, so the company has managed to save time and costs related to purchasing and maintaining hardware. The innovative approach of Radosť signals a shift in the telecoms industry, reflecting the need for other operators to quickly adapt and deliver services to meet the specific needs of the public.

  • Intuitive and completely digital

    onboarding process

  • Fully digital operations

    carried out through a mobile app exclusively

The power of
efficient biometric algorithm

Security as a Priority

Through facial biometrics, Radosť became the first mobile operator in Slovakia to reliably identify and verify a customer purely in a digital environment.

Contactless User Journey

Thanks to DOT, customers can enjoy smooth and convenient service without any required personal contact through an innovative mobile app.

Fast Deployment

Digital Onboarding Toolkit is easy to integrate and can quickly be connected with backend systems. The entire project was deployed in only 4 months.

“Radosť has been built on the precipice of COVID accelerating the trends of digitization and fully online services. We are absolutely delighted to be able to deliver a carefree contactless digital proposition with face recognition onboarding for all customers in less than 4 months.”
Milan Morávek
CCO of O2 Slovakia
Radost_innovatrics_digital onboarding-case study

CASE STUDY Fully Digital Telco Onboards New Subscribers Remotely

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