Innovatrics ABIS Investigation

Identify People from Crime Scenes via Video or Latent Prints

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Innovatrics ABIS enables fast and accurate identification of people based on latent finger or palm prints, or faces captured from videos or photos. Our criminal case management helps you to organize captured fingerprints or videos from a crime scene.

Latent Print Editor

Our latent print editor makes it easy to enhance images, retrieve and edit minutiae points, or correct DPI or perspective deformation. Latent search, powered by the most accurate fingerprint matching algorithms, allows us to search against plain and rolled fingerprints, palm prints, or other latent prints from different cases.

Innovatrics ABIS Criminal Investigation

Fast and Accurate Facial Identification

Our Investigation Module can process a high volume of faces detected in a video file or livestream which is subsequently searched in a watchlist or ABIS. Our excellent performance in facial recognition has been proven in NIST FRVT benchmarks across all categories.

Innovatrics ABIS Accuracy Graphic

Integrated Adjudicator Tool for Match Confirmation

In the event a duplicate is found, the adjudicator tool provides a detailed analysis of matching fingerprints or faces.

ABIS Investigation Module

Grouping and Categorizing Prints into Cases

Investigation Module helps to organize latent prints, video sequences, or portrait photos into criminal cases for easier orientation. We are able to reveal connections between different unresolved cases thanks to facial and latent-latent identification.

ABIS Latent Case

Instant Search

Investigation module speeds up the uploading of the portrait picture and enables to enhance, search and adjudicate them on a single screen.

Instant Facial Recognition