Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation – Latent fingerprint identification

Innovatrics introduces its ABIS for criminal investigation solution with a presentation of the workflow for fingerprint collection, analysis and latent fingerprint identification.

In the webinar, the Innovatrics team showcases a fully customizable workflow for criminal suspect booking, a collection of latent fingerprints using the Forenscope device at the crime scene and upload the collected evidence into Innovatrics ABIS. To follow with the analysis, comparison and latent fingerprint identification.

The Innovatrics ABIS for criminal investigation has been successfully deployed in several police projects in Asia, South America and Africa.

You’ll learn:

  • Collection of evidence
    The webinar illustrates how to collect latent fingerprints at the crime scene with the Forenscope device from which we can upload the evidence into Innovatrics ABIS.
  • Booking of a new suspect
    The webinar demonstrates the criminal enrollment process, including the verification of a suspect’s identity.
  • Analysis and evaluation of fingerprints
    The webinar analyzes fingerprints collected from the crime scene using ABIS.
  • Latent fingerprint identification
    The webinar shows how ABIS can identify a suspect by matching their fingerprints to a database of applicants.
Latent fingerprint identification webinar